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行政主導與民主治理 : 以澳門特別行政區政治體制為中心

English Abstract

The subject of this study is Executive-led and Democratic Governance: From Perspective of The Political System of Macao SAR. The purpose is to discover the relationship between executive-led system and democracy in governing . The study includes five chapters. Chapter I Executive-led: Content and Basis, reveals the inherent implication of phenomenon of executive-led system around the world and its historical basis in Macao SAR. Chapter II Democratic Governance and Democratization of Political System of Macao SAR, explores the democracy in governing, the concept of “one country two systems” and political democratization of Macao SAR relevant of the executive-led system. Chapter III The Adoption of Democracy: The Performance and Practice of Executive-led System, makes multi-dimensional perspective, comparative observation, and historical summary with norm of Macao basic law and related practice. Chapter IV Within the Executive Power: the Democratization of Construction and Operation, studies the authority of Macao SAR government and its operation how to fit the spirit of democratic governance. Chapter V Outside of the Executive Power: the Democratization of the Relationship among the Legislative Council, Judiciary and Administration, demonstrates how to rationally divide power within the framework of “One country two systems” and thus enhance the governmental democracy. In conclusion, the study shows that the future political development of the Macao SAR should still persist and continue to improve the executive-led system through the study of the relationship between executive-led and democratic governance. The SAR will also have more greater development in the process of its political democratization.

Chinese Abstract

本文選題《行政主導與民主治理——以澳門特別行政區政治體制為中心》, 旨在研究行政主導體制與民主治理的關係。 正文包括五章:第一章《行政主導:基本內涵與形成基礎》,揭示世界範圍 行政主導現象的內在蘊涵及其在澳門特區形成的歷史基礎。第二章《民主治理與 特區政治體制民主化》,探究與行政主導體制相關的民主治理、“一國兩制”構 想和特區政治民主化問題。第三章《吸納民主:行政主導的表現與實踐》,結合 澳門基本法文本及相關實踐,進行多維透視、比較觀察和歷史總結。第四章《行 政權內部:架構與運作的民主化》,探究特區政府權力及其運作,分析其如何契 合民主治理的精神。第五章《行政權外圍:與立法會及司法機構關係的民主化》, 論證如何在“一國兩制”框架內合理分權並由此增進治理的民主性。 結論指出,通過對行政主導與民主治理關係的研究,可見澳門特區未來的政 治發展,仍須堅持和不斷完善行政主導體制,特區亦將在政治民主化的通途上取 得更大發展。 關鍵詞:行政主導;民主治理;澳門特別行政區;政治體制;基本法

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Faculty of Law




Macau -- Politics and government -- 1999-

澳門 -- 政治及政府 -- 1999-

Democracy -- Macau

民主 -- 澳門



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