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澳門80, 90後青少年的抗逆力之探討

English Abstract

Recently, family, school and the community of Macau have gradually concerned with the "resilience” of the adolescence, especially the 80’s and 90’s young people of Macau. Therefore, this study tried to test from two ways to explore the problem of the "youth’s resilience". First, Quantitative Research - using the “Positive Psychological Questionnaire” (hereinafter the “PPQ questionnaire”) which Associate Professor Zhang Kuofu and the others of the Department of Social Psychology, China Nankai University, researched and developed jointly to test the four areas of the self-efficacy, resilience, hope and optimism. 1100 questionnaires were distributed to the young people of 80s and 90s respectively. 1,005 people were randomly collected from the youth of 80s, 407 males, 598 females; and 1013 people were randomly taken from 90s, 514 males and 499 females. All questionnaires were fully collected back. Valid questionnaires were 91% and 92%. Second, Qualitative Research – 8 young people of 80s and 90s were chosen to make the case interviews, which focused on how they cope with the emotional, interpersonal, family, study or work setbacks and their attitudes towards the resilience are positive or negative and also when they encounter problems or frustrations whether they will attribute their problems to others, and thus to explore the resilience of 80, 90s young people of Macau. This study hereby hopes to play an active role in giving reference regarding the resilience education of Macau adolescence of the 80s and 90s.

Chinese Abstract

現時澳門的家庭、學校和社會對青少年的“抗逆力"問題已漸有所關 注,特別是澳門 80、90 後的青少年更是被受關注的新一代。故此,本研究試從 兩方面來探討有關青少年的“抗逆力"的問題,一、量性研究方面,採用了中 國南開大學社會心理學系張闊副教授等共同研發的《積極心理資本》問卷 (positive psychological questionnaire) 簡稱 PPQ 問卷,分別對澳門 80、90 後的青少 年發放了 1100 份問卷,並隨機共抽取了 80 後 1005 人,男 407 人、女 598 人; 而 90 後亦隨機共抽取了 1013 人,男 514 人、女 499 人;進行了 PPQ 問卷中的 自我效能、韌性、希望和樂觀四方面之測試。所有問卷全部收回,有效問卷分 別為 91%和 92%。二、質性研究方面,在澳門 80、90 後共抽取了 8 位青少年作 個案訪談,主要探討他們在面對情感、人際、家庭、學習或工作挫折時,各自 採取的抗逆態度是積極還是消極,以及於遇挫折時將原因歸於自己還是他人的 問題,從而探討澳門 80、90 後青少年的抗逆力。 本研究希望藉此對澳門 80、90 後青少年的抗逆教育起到積極的參考作用。 關鍵字:青少年、挫折、抗逆力

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Youth -- Macau

青少年 -- 澳門



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