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Cyber speak : a language as Chinese youth under new media technology

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This thesis aims to explore a new language form --- Chinese cyber speak, which is raised recently in mainland China. As new media technology develops quickly, it has exerted great impact on various aspects of people’s online activity, even offline, among which the change of language is obvious. That is to say, the emergence of cyber speak is due to the development of new media technology, especially the popular social media, such as Facebook, Micro blog, virtual communities and instant messaging. This thesis reviewed several theories in order to better understand the characteristics of cyber speak based on the new media technology. Moreover, as the users of cyber speak are mainly the young, this thesis tried to analyze the unique features of the young netizens which manifested onto this new language. Inspired by some existing references, this study could easily find out the characteristics of the young Chinese internet users. And then give a comprehensive analysis to cyber speak both from the new media technology and the young netizens. Qualitative research methodology was adopted in this thesis. Two focus groups were conducted to collect all the data. One group was face to face and had a discussion among 6 people, and the other one was online, using the QQ instant messaging. According to the findings of the study, the author pointed out that cyber speak is a dynamic language system, and a product of both new media technology and Chinese youth culture. Cyber speak is a young topic, and most of the analysis are based on its linguistic features. Even there were few articles presented from the communication perspective, they mainly discussed the English cyber speak. The author holds that we should also pay attention to the Chinese cyber speak, to its formation and to its constant changes, because it reflects the development of technology in our society and also the inner traits of the young. Key words: cyber speak; new media technology; CMC; youth culture

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Deng, Dan Dan


Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


Department of Communication




Language and the Internet -- China

Internet and teenagers -- China

Teenagers -- Social networks -- China

Mass media and youth -- China



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