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Design and validation a full scale experimental chamber with interior convective heat transfer

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The purpose of this thesis was to design, build and validate an experimental chamber for the study of interior convective heat transfer and indoor air quality. The full-scale chamber with interior dimensions 4.92m x 2.95m x 2.40m, was constructed with 0.04m walls, floor and ceiling. The facility was elevated 37cm above the lab floor and the walls were heavily insulated. By using a removable panel scheme, the room can be configured to study different geometries, different inlet and outlet combinations. A 1450W electrical heater was installed and a unique modular heated panel system was constructed in order to provide a heat source to the chamber. ASHRAE Standard 41.2-1987 (RA 92) was employed for volumetric air flow measurement. A platform moving measuring system had been built inside the chamber in order to measure the temperature at different locations. A water source heat pump provided chilled water to a fan-coil unit which in turn provided conditioned air to the chamber. Two sets of validation tests were performed (one with heat source and the other without heat source) in order to ensure the chamber can achieve the steady state condition and without any heat gain or loss. Two sets of experiment, by using tracer gas concentration decay method, to obtain the air change rate per hour in order to ensure the accuracy of the flow measuring box. Nine more experiments with different inlet and outlet configuration has been done in order to see the volatile organic compound concentration versus time after applying 25ml of paint on an acrylic board (25cm x 50cm). Additionally, an uncertainty analysis was performed for all experiments.

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Lam, Calisto


Faculty of Science and Technology


Department of Electromechanical Engineering




Heat -- Convection

Heat -- Transmission


Tam, Lap Mou

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