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Piracy in China

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Piracy is a sensitive phenomenon in our daily life along with the development of the economy and society. Since the technology and intellectual products become more and more important, most of us have touched upon or are still in touch with this problem. As we know, piracy is an unlawful behavior which may ruin the normal operation of the market. Moreover, it will cause great loss not only to the producers but also other interested persons. This behavior may also eliminate the passion of the inventor or producer/ author to pursue the innovation of cultural creation. Consequently, it will undermine intellectual rights and further slow down our social progress. Although many previous studies have shown the negative impact on the market and the illegality of the nature of piracy, only a small part focus on the aspect of the perception and attitude of the consumers towards this kind of behavior. This thesis aims to investigate the reason or reasons why piracy can exist stubbornly all the way to the present and even into the future from the perspective of the consumers’ perception, and to dig out what they think about piracy. Considering the college students are now the mainstream of the consumers, the study uses the convenient sample of 89 students to do the self-report questionnaire. It provides the insightful information about the phenomenon of piracy.

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Chen, Ze Shang


Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


Department of Sociology




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