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Hu Shi, (17 December 1891 — 24 February 1962), is widely recognized today as a key contributor to Chinese liberalism and language reform in his advocacy for the use of written vernacular Chinese. However, the study of his attention to the innovation of Old Literature has so far been neglected. Because of this, this paper aims at the reading of Hu’s proposition on the Ci Poetry and his creative practice and analysing his achievements of Ci. This paper is divided into three parts. The first of it is Hu’s biography and its cultural and historical background. The second focuses on Hu’s proposition on Ci, which is revealed through his unique understanding in his Anthology of the Ci Poetry. The third part deals with Hu’s creative practice, in an attempt to describe his artistic features through the composition of his Ci. Hu's proposition on Ci is built up basing on his points of view on literature through its historical evolution. He divided the history of Ci into three phrases: songs of the civilian; words of the poet; and words of the word artisan. Hu advocated "the poet's words," which was categorised by him as those of the “extremely talented." The artistic characteristics of Hu’s creations is as follows: the reconstruction of Ci, a pursuit of Chinese liberalism; the advocacy of vernacular Chinese, a breakthrough of the literary tradition; the simplification of the language, a wider range of topics; the expression of temperament, an enriched emotional aspect.

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Hu, Shih, -- 1891-1962 -- Criticism and interpretation

胡適, -- 1891-1962 -- 評論及解釋

Ci (Chinese poetry) -- 20th century -- History and criticism

詞 (中國詩詞) -- 20 世紀 -- 歷史及評論



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