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許地山香港時期創作論 = Studies of XuDishan's composition during the Hong Kong period

English Abstract

This paper discusses Xu DiShan’s composition in terms of creative thinking and literary style when he was living in Hong Kong based on a textual analysis of "Pure Official" and "The gills of iron fish. Moreover, by comparing the above mentioned works with the characteristics of his early works such as "MingMing Niao", "The merchants’ wife", "Laboring spider", "Chun Tao", etc, the change of literary style of Xu after moving to Hong Kong will also be studied. When a writer moved to another place, his/her creative thinking and style tend to change. This paper analyzes Xu’s works when he was staying in Hong Kong. It is found that his works had a change in religious consciousness and a transition upon his writing style from Romanticism to Modernism has also been done. In addition, two factors were found to have attributed to this change: devoting himself to her career in education and joining the nti-Japanese campaign. Throughout the study, we can see the impact of migration on a writer and the influence and significance of Xu’s works done in Hong Kong to himself, Hong Kong, and literary history as a whole. The whole article consists of three chapters. The first chapter analyzes the significance of his compositions in Hong Kong to Xu DiShan, Hong Kong, and Chinese literature. The second chapter analyzes the change of Xu’s writing style after his move to Hong Kong, This chapter is mainly composed by two parts. The first part is change in his religious consciousness, including his transition from pessimism to optimism and patience; religiously he had also been more tolerant and acceptant towards thoughts and ideas from Christianity. The second is about the change of his writing style from Romanticism to Modernism. The third part discusses the reasons of the change Xu’s writings and thoughts after moving to Hong Kong, which are the reformation of educational system and the dissemination of new culture led by Xuas well as his devotion on the campaign against the Japanese. All theese have caused a huge change on his thoughts on both writing and life. In conclusion, it is summerized that Xu DiShan has a great reputation in new literature. after he moved to Hong Kong, , His works finished during his time in Hong Kong should also not be overlooked as he had made a significant number of contributions on education and the dissemination of new culture. More importanly, by studying the change of a writer upon migration, we can see what impact could migration and change of living environment could have on a writer. And the process of how a writer raised himself to another level is also a topic worthy of attention.

Chinese Abstract

本文主要探討許地山在香港時期的創作,以《玉官》及《鐵魚的鰓》作文本 分析,研究其在香港的創作思想和作品風格。並以其早期的作品,如《命命鳥》、 《商人婦》、《綴網勞蛛》及《春桃》等作品特色作比較,研究移居香港後許地 山作品風格的轉變。作家移居,其作品風格和創作思想往往會有所轉變,而本文 分析了許地山於香港時期的作品,發現他的作品在宗教思想上有所轉變,而寫作 風格也從浪漫主義過渡到現實主義寫作風格。另外,也指出了這些轉變,是受到 了兩個因素的影響:投身教育事業及抗日運動。從研究中,可以看出移居對一個 作家的影響,以及香港時期的創作對許地山本人、香港及整個文學史的重要性。 全文共分為三章。第一章主要討論許地山在香港時期創作的重要性,分析了 香港時期創作對許地山本人、對香港的意義以及對當時整個中國文學的意義。第 二章仔細分析了許地山移居香港時期後,在創作上的變化。主要分為兩大部分, 第一是宗教意識的改變:包括了其生本不樂的思想轉變成積極忍耐的人生思想; 其宗教思想亦變得更寬容和融合了基督教的思想。第二是其創作手法由浪漫主義 走向現實主義。第三章則討論造成許地山移居香港後作品風格和創作思想轉變的 原因,包括了許地山在香港投入改革舊教育和傳播新文化的工作以及獻身於抗日 救國運動的行動,使他在創作和人生思想上都有很大轉變。所以在結論中,總結 出許地山本人在新文學上的地位舉足輕重,而其移居到香港後,對香港的教育事 業和新文化傳播上都有著很大的影響和貢獻,我們不應忽視他香港時期的創作。 而更重要的是,藉著一個作家移居的改變,我們可以看出移居和環境對一個作家 的影響力。而一個作家又是怎樣從以往的創作上升到另一個高度,都是很值得研 究者重視的議題。

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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


Department of Chinese




Hsu, Ti Shan, -- 1893-1941 -- Criticism and interpretation

許地山, -- 1895-1941 -- 評論及解釋

Authors, Chinese -- 20th century

作家, 中國 -- 20 世紀

Chinese fiction -- 20th century -- History and criticism

中國小說 -- 20 世紀 -- 歷史及評論

Chinese literature -- 20th century -- History and criticism

中國文學 -- 20 世紀 -- 歷史及評論



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