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"新序"文體研究 = A study of literary style of Xin Xu

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Xin Xu is a historical story collection compiled by Liu xiang in Xi Han dynasty. The academic circle currently has different views on the position of literature style of Xin Xu.This is because Xin Xu has its own particularity in its literature style,which makes it hard to classify it into a certain kind of literature style at ease.Therefore,this thesis does not mean to classify the literature style of Xin Xu, focuses on its inheritance and development from the traditional styles instead, to explore the reason why it has such a particular style form. At the same time,this article is intended to make a conclusion on the specific character of its style.This article is falled into four parts. Introduction: is divided into two sections, mainly introduces the current research situation and the research significance of this article. Chapter One:is divided into two sections,depicting the life story of Liu Xiang and the compilation of Xin Xu and the value of Xin Xu respectively. Chapter Two: is divided into four sections, discussing the relationship between Xin Xu and Spring and Autumn Annals , Han Fei Tzu, The unauthorized biography of Han Poem and the “Narrative Style” documents. Xin Xu formed its own special literature style by absorbing and developoing the special mode of the literature style created by these books. Chapter Three: is divided into three sections, discusses the stylistic rules of compilation, the method of processing the materials of Xin Xu and its charateristic by mainly recording dialogues,these three features reflects the unique style of Xin Xu from different angles. Key Words: Xin Xu Literary style Characteristic of literature style

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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


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Liu, Hsiang, -- 77?-6? B.C. -- Hsin hsu

劉向, -- 公元前 77?-公元前 6? -- 新序

Chinese literature -- History and criticism

中國文學 -- 歷史及評論

Chinese language -- Style

漢語 -- 文體

Literary form




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