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In the Six Dynasties, after the Dang-gu Catastrophe, the political ideals of scholars were totally destroyed; the lives of most intellectuals were treated, because of the eradication of alien by the ruler. Zhong Rong also confronted this danger when he submitted an advice to Emperor Xiao Heron. As powerless in the objective politics, the only way for the intellectuals was the return to the Subjective Spiritual Transcendence, and they indeed aspired to the aesthetic pleasure of free far-reaching. But if someone who did not have conscientious friends to remind him, he would easily fall in his Self-enjoyment. In this sense, Zhong Rong considered Songs and Li Sao as the source of all sentimental poems with rich emotion and self-restrain. ‘Zhong Rong's Taste Theory’ was the key criteria for the criticism of Shipin. Through the treatise from ‘Presence’ to ‘Absence’ in ‘Taste Theory’, Zhong Rong linked the ‘Presence’ and ‘Absence’ of ‘Tao’ to the presence and absence of writer’s spirit. Thus the transcendence of ‘Tao’ could be transited to the writer’s spirit. If a poem is good, it’s not because it includes some special ‘Taste’, it is good because the mind behind the poem can exceed the reality of tangible things, power, status, vanity, wealth, rank… and return to the state of the nature and original truth. Zhong Rong generalized the characteristics of Cao Cao’s poems as ‘Generous, 6 Ancient and Sad’, and considered his poems as low-grade, because they could not show the original truth of nature. In the poem world of Zhong Rong, the writers express their sentiment, the readers enjoy the peace of mind; they all seek to the state of ‘Absence’, the transcendence of spirit and the Self-comfort. The world of ‘Absence’ is far from Cao Cao, according to Shipin, his poems ‘Xie-lu Xing’, ‘Hao-li Xing’ and ‘Shan-zai Xing’ accord to the Allusions and trace back with the contributions of the predecessors, these poems had to be written as the former of govern literary genres. In another way, ‘Ku-han Xing’ and ‘Que Dong Xi Men Xing’ totally show the continuous self-conscience, hesitate, introspection and transcendence, they were the basic model and co-phase of human feeling, so they were good poems. By reason of these two poems, Cao Cao was included in the gifted scholars list in Shipin, but not good enough, so his poems were still considered as ‘low-grade’. Keywords: Shipin, Zhong Rong's Taste Theory, Cao Cao, Five-Word Poem, Self-Comfort

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Chung, Jung, -- active 502-519. -- Shih pin

鍾嶸, -- 活躍於 502-519. -- 詩品

Tsao, Tsao, -- 155-220 -- Criticism and interpretation

曹操, -- 155-220 -- 評論及解釋

Chinese poetry -- 221 B.C. - 960 A.D. -- History and criticism

中國詩詞 -- 秦代-五代, 公元前 221-公元 960 -- 歷史及評論



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