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English Abstract

When I recall my teaching experience in the past, it triggers me to study into the professional development of preschool teachers in Macao. The determination of my research direction leads me to explore their professional development in narrative inquiry. Hence, the main objectives of this paper are to: (1) understand the process of the professional development of two preschool teachers in Macao; (2) investigate their beliefs during their professional development; (3) examine factors that influence their professional development through their educational beliefs. This study emphasizes that teacher's self-development is the core of teacher professional development; it argues that professional development does not only focus on knowledge and technologies. By integrating the literature reviews with the analysis results, this study reports following findings: (a) Professional development intersection of the two teachers During 20 years teaching process, from the analysis of knowledge technical ability, personality and thinking process, the result shows that the contact point of two teachers changing role have five stages: Ignorant, inquirer, lost person, empiricist, reflective person. Throughout the two teachers professional development were positive, but the teacher profcssional development also contain the phenomenon of backset, this is more worthy to study and pay attention to. (b) The education core belief of two teachers From the analysis of professional development intersection of two teachers, the result shows that firmly beliefs in their education mainly include following aspects: “all for child", "continuously pursue leamning", "enjoy a team teaching", and “reflective teaching. Especially, the belief of all for child is the core of their educational beliefs. (c) The factors that influence the professional development of two teachers The result shows the factor that influences the professional development of two teachers mainly includes following aspects. In the aspect of the professional identity, with love for the spirit essence of the teaching, increasing knowledge for affirmation of the pursuit of professional status; in the aspect of school culture, mutual sharing and support can actively promote teachers’professional knowledge to acquire, and reflective teaching has already helped inner reflection and absorption of professional knowledge; in the aspect of teaching practice, in order to bear a child willing to work out best , even in face a great deal of work of disadvantaged school, but two teachers also try to gain experience of others to solve the immediate teaching problem. Several recommendations are included so as to give reference for the further study of individual teachers, school administrators, and education authorities in Macao.

Chinese Abstract

本論文緣起於自身過去教學小故事的追憶,觸發我對澳門幼兒教師專業發展探究之情。堅定自己的方向成就我開拓教師專業發展之敘事研究。透過本研究我期望能達致以下三個目的:一、了解澳門幼兒教師專業發展的歷程;二、在專業發展的過程中,探究澳門幼兒教師的教育信念;三、透過澳門幼兒教師的教育信念,審視影響其專業發展的因素。 本研究強調關注教師個人發展才是教師專業發展的本質,打破過去著眼關注專業知識與技能獲得的單一層面。透過澳門兩位幼兒教師的教學故事文本分析與討論,獲得的發現如下: 一、兩位教師專業發展交叉點 在二十年教學過程中,從知識技能、人格特質、思維歷程等方面的分析,發現兩位教師角色轉變的接洽點共有五個階段:「無知者」、「探究者」、「迷失者」、「經驗主義者」、「思而後行者」。縱觀兩位教師的專業發展都是正向的,但教師專業發展亦存有倒退之現象,此更值得研究與關注。 二、兩位教師的教育核心信念 從兩位教師專業發展交叉點的分析,發現她們堅守的教学信念主要包括:「以孩子為中心」、「不斷追求學習」、「享受團隊教學」、「反思教學」等四方面。當中以孩子為中心的信念更是貫穿兩位教師教育信念的核心。 三、影響兩位教師專業發展的因素 本研究發現影響兩位教師專業發展的因素主要有以下幾方面:在專業身份方面,以愛心為教學的精神底蘊,透過不斷增長專業知識追求專業地位的肯定;在學校文化方面,透過互相分享與支持積極推動教師專業知識獲得,教學反思有助專業知識得以內化與吸收:在教學實務方面,為了孩子甘願負出最大的努力獻身工作,即使面對弱勢學校一腳踢的現況,也盡量透過從旁吸收經驗解決即時教學問題。 最後,根據本研究的結果及發現,對澳門幼兒教育專業發展從教師個人、學校管理、教育行政機構等層面作出建議,作為日後推動澳門幼兒教師專業發展的參考。

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Chan, Hoi Si


Faculty of Education




Kindergarten teachers -- Macau

幼稚園教師 -- 澳門

Kindergarten teachers -- Training of -- Macau

幼稚園教師 -- 職業培訓 -- 澳門

Kindergarten -- Curricula

幼稚園 -- 課程

Career development -- Macau

事業發展 -- 澳門



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