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Abstract The purposes of this study are to explore the kindergarten teachers' sex knowledge,sex attitudes,the need of In-service training about sex education in order to find out the relation among them and to analyze whether marital status,teaching classes,teaching years, educational background,training experience of children's sex education have any influence on teachers' sex knowledge,sex attitudes and the need of In-service training about sex education.And find out about kindergarten teachers' demands for the sex education in-service training. By convenient sampling of teachers in public and private kindergarten schools legally registered in Macau,a total of 191 valid questionnaires are collected.The data are processed through statistical analysis and the important conclusions are made as follows: 1.Kindergarten teachers' sex knowledge is not sufficient. Teachers have better sex knowledge in aspects of human development,follow in order by hygiene health and sex harassment prevention.Teachers have poor knowledge about reproduction. 2.Kindergarten teachers' sex knowledge does not vary by marital status,teaching years, educational background,and training experience of children's sex education. Nevertheless,the aspect of hygiene health in sex knowledge of the kindergarten teachers varies by teaching classes. 3.Kindergarten teachers tend to have positive sexual attitudes and they tend to agree the implementation of children's sex education in kindergarten schools. 4.Kindergarten teachers' sex attitude does not vary by marital status, educational background,and training experience of children's sex education.Nevertheless,teachers' sex attitude varys by teaching classes and teaching years. 5. Over 90% of kindergarten teachers are willing to participate in in-service training of sex education.They hope to join three hours half day symposium held during weekend or weekday.Their favorite lecture topics are:How to Proceed with Sex Education for Children in Kindergarten Schools;Sex Hygiene for Children; Children's Sexual Curiosity,Sexual Interests and Treatment Methods;Safe Sex for Children:Sexual Violation Prevention,Privacy and Body Protection; and How to Proceed with Sex Education for Children at Home. 6. Teachers'willingness to take part in in-service training of sex education does not vary by marital status,teaching classes,teaching years,educational background,and training experience of sex education for children. These research results can be taken as references for government and relevant organizations in planning the training programs of sex education for kindergarten teachers and in implementing children's sex education in kindergarten schools.Besides,they can also provide suggestions for further research. Keywords:Sex knowledge,sex attitudes,the need of in-service training about sex education

Chinese Abstract

摘要 本研究旨在探討澳門幼稚園教師的性知識·性態度與性教育在職進修需求的關係,並瞭解幼稚園教師對性教育在職進修需求的情形:及分析不同個人基本資料變项與其差異情形。本研究探方便抽樣方式,以現任澳門公私立案幼稚園之幼稚園教師為研究對象,進行問卷調查,總體的受訪教師共有191人。資料經統計分析後,所得重要結論如下: 一、幼稚園教師整體性知識程度不佳,以「人類發展」的知識最好,其次是「衛生保健」及性騷摄防治」,「生殖奥秘」的知識最差。 二、幼稚園教師的性知識不合因婚姻,教學年資,教育程度,接受性教育培訓經驗不同而顯著差異。但其性知識的「衛生保健」會因任教級別不同而有顧著差異。 三、整體性態度傾向於中等以上偏正向並認同要實施性教育。 四、幼稚園教師性態度不會因婚姻狀況、教育程度、幼兒性教育培訓不同而有頭著差異;但因任教級別及教學年責不同而有顯著差異。 五、九成以上的幼稚園教師願意參與性教育在職進修,希望安排在週末或遇日以3小時的「半天的專題演講」形式進行,内容前五名依序為:「在學校中如何進行幼兒性教育」、「幼兒的性衛生保健」、「幼兒的性好奇、性興奮與處理方法」、「幼兒性安全的預防【性侵犯、隱私及身體自主權】,及「在家庭中如何進行幼兒性教育」。 六、幼稚園教師的性教育在職進修意願不會因個人背景之不同而有顧著差異。 根據研究結果,作為未來研究與有關政府部門及機構辦理幼稚園教師性教育進修及實施幼兒性教育之参考。 關鍵字:性知識·性態度、性教育在職進修需求。

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Sex instruction for children -- Macau

兒童性教育; 性教育之兒童文學 -- 澳門

Sex instruction -- Macau

性教育 -- 澳門




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