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Abstract Cooperation between museums and schools has a long history of success in many education systems overseas. Museum-School cooperation not only accelerates interaction between the two, but also acts as a supplement to current education schemes. Hence, the integration of existing art educational resources can be achieved. This study first investigates the common interest of both museums and local schools. The analysis of the cooperation type and style between the Macau Museum of Art and local schools, based on the museum-school cooperation models in England and the United States of America, comes up with the following suggestions: 1. Museum, as the predominant host, must provide a support team consisting of resourceful professional and educational staff to help drive the museum-school cooperation forward. 2. The most important aspects for successful cooperation are coordination of school administration resources and support from teaching staff of each school. The type of cooperation between museums and schools can vary. However, coordination and support from teachers are essential for the integration of such resources in the study framework of students. 3. The knowledge of the teaching staff is vital for the development of the museum-school cooperation in the future. The reason is that teachers clearly understand how to utilise museum resources-the would not just treat museums as places for visiting; they can also use such places for different teaching purposes. 4. In the cooperation of museums and schools, museum resources can be utilised to develop inter-disciplinary curriculum. Facing the advance and development of education, the relationship between museums and local schools becomes more and more important and should be strengthened in order to improve art education in schools. Through cooperation and learning from each other, we not only can grow together, but also accelerate creativity and activate the career aspects in art education. Key words: museum-school cooperation, museum education, inter-disciplinary art curriculum

Chinese Abstract

摘要 博物館與學校合作在國外的教育中,已有相當的發展歷史與成效。館校合作促使雙方的合作互動與彌補學校的教育的不足,在教育上能形成藝術資源整合。 本文首要探討藝術博物館與學校教育的契合點,透過西方國家館校合作的模式,並分析適合澳門藝術博物館與學校合作型態與模式;最後提出以下具體的建議: (一)以「博物館主導」及「學校主導」的模式,都需有專業態度與教育人員的支援,才可成為館校合作的推動者。 (二)學校方面的行政資源的支持與配合,學校教師團隊的配合與支持尤其重要。館校合作有不同的模式,不論是由博物館主導或是由學校主導,最終必須由教師的支持與配合,才能真正落實於學生學習中。 (三)教師的專業認知將有助館校合作的發展,是對未來館校合作的機會。因為教師瞭解博物館資源上運用,他們可輕易地運用,不會只停留在參觀,而且更有利於使用。 (四)館校合作中博物館的資源將可發展跨學科的統整課程。 在面對教育的走向與發展,學校藝術教育與博物館的關係應更加密切與重要。透過彼此的合作,相互學習成長,更能激發創新與活化藝術教育工作。 關鍵詞:館校合作、博物館教育、藝術統整課程

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Faculty of Education




Arts -- Study and teaching -- Macau

藝術 -- 學習及教學 -- 澳門

Art museums -- Educational aspects -- Macau

美術博物館之教育方面 -- 澳門

Museums and schools -- Macau

博物館與學校 -- 澳門



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