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教師進行課程統整改革之個案研究 : 以大學與小學合作下的常識科為例

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This research is a case study on Cheng-xin (pseudonym) Primary School in Macao, in order to explore teachers’status in curriculum integration reform of General Studies. The purpose of this study are: to explore the teachers’knowledge on General Studies curriculum integration reform; understanding teachers’attitudes, difficulties and opinions in the process of curriculum reform; Attempts to reveal both university and school ’understanding on the collaboration . Semi-structured interview, nonparticipant-observation, and examination of relevant documents about Cheng-xin Primary School are used to collect the data . The main findings are as follows: First are about teachers’ knowledge on integrated curriculum reform, it contains the following six respects: The teachers ’cognion on curriculum integration’ meaning are very different, overall on a low level; Teachers pay a particular attention to practical knowledge and skills; Knowledge about General Studies’ goal and value are overly sentimental but profound; Knowledge about students’ characteristics and needs are closely linked to teaching implementation; The General Studies teachers can grasp the basic principles in select and organize all kinds of materials, but in the stage of selection and adaptation; General Studies teachers attached importance to form while ignoring substance to some extent. Secondly, teachers’ attitudes and awareness on curriculum reform. 1.Whether or not teachers accepted the reform psychologically, all of them lack the right awareness on their rights and status; 2.Teachers’ attitude towards integrated curriculum reform are closely related with teaching experience and Theoretical knowledge; 3.Teachers’recommendations on curriculum leadership and management are associated with their teaching practice; 4. Teachers’ consciousness of difficulties in curriculum implementation are consistent and comprehensive; 5.Teachers agreed that the General Studies curriculum reform’s process is tough, but also made gratifying achievements. Finally ,in the aspect of university-school collaboration.On one hand, teachers think the university researchers’ supports are really helpful ,on the another hand,both teachers and researchers felt exhausted in the process of cooperation, and the curriculum reform obtained some positive results though commissioning by university and school. Keywords: Teachers ’curriculum reform 、Curriculum Integration 、 General Studies 、University-school collaboration

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Curriculum planning -- Macau -- Case studies

課程規劃 -- 澳門 -- 個案研究

Curriculum change -- Macau -- Case studies

課程改革 -- 澳門 -- 個案研究

Teacher participation in curriculum planning -- Macau -- Case studies

教師參與課程規劃 -- 澳門 -- 個案研究

General education -- Study and teaching (Primary) -- Macau

通識教育 -- 學習及教學 (初級小學) -- 澳門



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