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People’s understanding of nature of science (NOS) not only can be of importance of comprehending the scientific knowledge itself, but also plays a significant role in developing a sound scientific conception and high-quality scientific literacy. Thus, bringing NOS into science teaching, from its own point of view, is progressive and inevitable. As science teachers rely on textbooks, science textbooks turn out to be the main way to present NOS. Moreover, as HPS (history, philosophy and sociology of science), especially history of science, is the most direct manner to reflect NOS. For both two aspects above, the research chooses history in science textbooks used in Mainland China as object to examine now NOS reflected in the new curriculum which was reformed in 2001. This thesis uses content analytical instrument established by Abd-El-Khalich in 2008 to analyze the respective 8 selected histories in common from current science textbooks for junior high schools. The results show that now NOS reflected and emphasized by science textbooks in the Mainland China is in a low level in general and aspects of NOS vary in coverage and degree. Taken as a whole, dimensions related to logical positivism are in a better position and those about historicism are ignored, the dimension of scientific method in the process being the worst. Yet, specific expression and focal point of NOS depends on version of textbook, emerging something of difference. For extent, version by Shanghai Education Press proves to be better than the others which two are close. And the clarity of expression for version by Shanghai Education Press is the best, for version by Zhejiang Education Press the worst. III Keywords: Nature of science (NOS); Science Textbooks for Junior High School; history of science; content analysis

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Science -- Study and teaching (Middle School) -- China

科學 -- 學習及教學 (高級小學至初級中學) -- 中國

Science -- Textbooks -- China

科學 -- 教科書研究 -- 中國



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