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多元文化課程設計與實施之行動研究 = An action research of curriculum design and implementation on multicultural education

English Abstract

This research aimed to the design and implement a multicultural curriculum for the forth grade’s students. The main purposes were first, to analyze the problems and situations, to design and construct the curriculum, and to use important multicultural concepts to evaluate the students’ learning. The following conclusions are made based upon the findings of this research. 1. After the analysis of situation, the researcher found the problems which students confronted in the local multicultural school, then try to design the 4-grade multicultural curriculum. At first, the researcher reviewed literature and defined concepts of multicultural education, then constructed and developed the curriculum “Together with happiness, along with closeness”. It contained four main developed activities such as “I am different from you”,“We are living in Macau”,“This is our class”, and “The world is small because we are close to one another”. 2. The designed curriculum was implemented by multiple teaching activities, abundant learning materials, and learning environment with diversity.The result of this action project for the multicultural curriculum reflected the effects of students’ learning. The most obvious learning changes of multicultural concepts were the diversity of ethnicity, religion and culture, the collective contribution, and the social responsibility. Besides, the researcher found that the curriculum needed to be continued if we want to see the outcome of students’ reconstructive social action. 3. The researcher did the reflective thinking through the process of curriculum design and implementation. For example, the important transformative reflection were the accepting attitude toward different voices in the co-operative learning environment, the reflection of the myth of following the most, the considerateon of the sequences of the activities, and the supportive attitude toward multi-language learning environment. Finally according to the conclusions, the researcher made her own reflection. And, specific suggestions are proposed for the references of administrative educational institutions and teachers who want to design and implement multicultural curriculum. Recommendations also rendered for the follow-up researches.

Chinese Abstract

本研究為設計與實施四年級多元文化課程之行動研究。研究目的首先為研 擬並實施四年級多元文化課程的方案,其次運用多元文化概念評估行動方案並提 出省思。最後則歸納研究發現,以作為實施多元文化課程的參考。 本研究依主要發現做成以下結論: 一、研究者以情境分析發現所任教的小學四年級多元文化課程所遭遇到之問題, 繼而研擬多元文化課程方案。研擬過程是循序漸進的工作,首先為參照文 獻,確定多元文化概念,其次是設計並實施「樂融融、心凝凝」的多元文化 課程,擬定四個主要發展活動:「你我不一樣」、「我們生活在澳門」、「我 們這一班」以及「世界真細小」。 二、評估多元文化課程發展行動方案的結果,發現在學生學習成效方面,學生對 於族群多樣化、宗教與文化的多樣性、貢獻與成就觀點,以及社會責任等概 念,產生較大的理解轉變;而達致重建社會行為的理想,則需要課程的延續 才可能收效。 三、在研擬與實施課程中,須不斷加以反思、修正以及行動,以使課程更趨完善。 研究者尤其提出研究歷程的重要省思轉變,諸如體認需接納合作學習中的歧 見、反思少數服從多數的迷思、調整主要活動順序的考量,以及接納與鼓勵 多種語言的學習環境等。 最後根據研究結論,對於實施多元文化課程的教育行政機關、教師以及後續 研究等方面,均提出相關建議以供參考。

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Multicultural education -- Curricula -- Macau -- Planning

多元文化教育 -- 課程 -- 澳門 -- 規劃

Curriculum planning -- Macau

課程規劃 -- 澳門



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