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“Dream of the Red Chamber” is selected as the reading material in this research. A multiple intelligences learning journeys is designed based on the Intelligence-Fair Learning Environments, from Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. The subjects of the learning journeys include 36 students, from class Junior Three B of COLÉGIO DE SANTA ROSA DE LIMA-SECÇÄO CHINESA. The students are divided into groups to conduct the learning journeys. The researcher hopes that during the multiple intelligences learing journeys, students can present their multiple competencies through reading “Dream of the Red Chamber”. By bringing the “Dream of the Red Chamber”- learning journey of multiple intelligences into practice, the researcher aroused the students’ interests in reading. Moreover, the students learnt to appreciate classical Chinese literatures and they presented their various competencies during this journey. At the same time, the researcher hopes to enrich their lives, in order to achieve the goal of individually configured and life-long education, developing talents and grasping the future. Throughout the process of designing curriculum and carrying out the learning journey, the researcher reflected the problems and difficulties emerged, and sought strategies and solutions to tackle them, hoping to make the research of individually configured education of multiple intelligence become better and better.

Chinese Abstract

摘要 本研究以中國古典文學《紅樓夢》作為閱讀素材,根據Howard Gardner的多元智能課程與教學設計理論——智能之公平環境(intelligent-fair learning environments),設計一套多元智能的學習旅程。這個學習旅程的對象為澳門聖羅撒女子中學(中文部)初中三年級乙班學生共36人,進行分組合作學習。研究者希望學生藉著閱讀《紅樓夢》,以及在進行《紅樓夢》多元智能學習的過程中,展現他們的多元才能。依照「讓學習顯而易見」研究計畫(making learning visible project),從錄音、錄像、拍照、訪談以及收集學生的作品等研究工具進行內容分析,真實地呈現學生的學習情況。 教師藉著《紅樓夢》多元智能學習旅程的實施,讓學生提昇閱讀興趣,懂得欣賞中國古典文學,同時在活動過程中展現他們不同的才能,期望學生透過多種智能的展現,豐富他們的人生,達致適性的終身教育「發揮才華、掌握命運」的目標。而研究者在課程設計及實施的過程中,對所遇到的問題、困難進行反思,並尋求解決的策略與方法,期望可以使多元智能適性教學的研究更趨完善。

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Tsao, Hsueh Chin, -- approximately 1717-1763. -- Hung lou meng -- Criticism, Textual

曹雪芹, -- 約 1717-1763. -- 紅樓夢 -- 文本批評

Multiple intelligences -- Study and teaching (Middle school) -- Macau

多元智能 -- 學習及教學 (高級小學至初級中學) -- 澳門



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