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English Abstract

The research adopts the Narrative Study method, i.e. using the life story to investigate an experienced social worker's career development stage. Through the protagonist's story, the paper examines the important incidents in his career development stage, and the meaning of these incidents in his life. Also the paper studies the reasons influencing the protagonist's career development through his life story. That is, personal characteristics, social environment, family background and learning experience. Finally the paper gives in-depth analysis on the reasons that cause our protagonist to insist on being a social worker and thus choosing it as his life-long career. Through studying the protagonist's personal factors and his working environment, finds out that the main reasons for the protagonist's persistence in being a social worker are: growing-up experience, personal characteristics, sense of responsibility, effective back-up net work, family support, regular change of work content, sense of achievement and stable income. These above mentioned factors are the main reasons for the protagonist's persistence in pursuing the job of being a social worker as his lifetime career. As Super's career theory uses age in combination with career concern, while the counselor's career development theory divides each stageaccording to the counselor's work situation and work performance, also there is a lack of explanation concerning the stage before they become counselors. Therefore, in chapter 3 the paper combines Super's and the counselor's career development theory, and on the basis of these two theories, the social worker's career development theory is thus established. Furthermore, the paper uses this newly-established social worker's career development theory to examine the protagonist's career development. Keyword: Life Story,Experienced Social Worker

Chinese Abstract

摘要 本研究採用了敍說研究的方法瞭解資深社會工作者的生命歷程,透過一位資深社會工作者的生命故事,瞭解其生涯發展階段中的重要事件,以及事件對整體生命之意義。另一方面是從生命故事中,瞭解影響主角生涯發展的重要因素,當中發現影響主角生涯發展的主要因素為:個人性格特質、社會環境、家庭背景及學習經驗等四方面。最後深入分析有什麼重要的元素導致主角堅持從事社會工作,並以此作為終身職業。當中從主角的個人因素及工作環境兩方作探究,發現主角能堅持成為一位社會工作者的原因主是由於:過去的成長經驗、個人的性格特質、使命感、有效的支援網絡、家庭支持、定期轉換工作的內容、工作上能獲取成就感及穩定的收入等,均對主角能堅持以社會工作作為終身職業有著重要的影響。由於Super的生涯理論主要以年齡作生涯階段的劃分,而於諮商師的生涯發展研究中,多以諮商師的工作情況及表現,作階段性的劃分,當中缺乏了對他們於修讀諮商師課程前生涯發展的解釋。是次研究整理並結合了Super的生涯發展階段與諮商師的生涯發展階段,從而建立社會工作者的生涯發展階段,當中更把主角的生涯發展階階段套用其中。

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Social workers -- Macau -- Case studies

社會工作者 -- 澳門 -- 個案研究

Social service -- Macau -- Case studies

社會服務 -- 澳門 -- 個案研究



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