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Is 'fast food mania' developed in Macua?: an exploration of the burgeoning fast food consumption patterns in an emerging market

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Abstract The impressive growth of the fast food industry is a ubiquitous phenomenon across the globe, and the fast food industry in Macau is no exception. This study looks into the rise of so-called “fast food mania” in the West and examines whether such phenomenon exists in Macau. The cause and outcomes of fast food mania are covered in this research. Three main issues are discussed in the thesis: 1) “What are the causes and effects of fast food mania in the West?” 2) “What are the factors that affect the consumption of fast food by Macau people?” 3) “Does fast food mania exist in Macau?” Results indicate that consumers in Macau have the desire to visit fast food restaurants for fun and change, but ordinary or casual food and meals are still their first choice. They believe homemade food is usually better than fast food because of the nutrition that directly affects their health and body weight. The model derived from this research shows the critical behaviors that would increase people’s intention of purchasing fast food, which can also be applied to many researches where consumer behavior is observed; these behaviors are usually affected by external factors like working hour and frequency of watching fast food commercials, which can be controlled by adjusting one’s life-style.

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Lo, Chong Fai


Faculty of Business Administration


Department of Management and Marketing




Convenience foods -- Macau

Fast food restaurants -- Macau


Sy-Changco, Joseph Adea

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