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A study of teachers' turnover intentions in Macao's non-tertiary schools

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Teachers are important assets of a school as they play a significant role in nurturing our future generation.Teacher’'s turnover has become a rising problem in many countries.Over the years, a large number of studies have been carried out to understand the factors underlying turnover intention. Many previous studies have focused on using burnout model and organizational commitment to predict intention to quit among teachers. This study aims at expanding the body of findings by suggesting two new perspectives: social connectedness and loneliness to predict teacher's intention to quit as well as teacher's job satisfaction and job performance (both in-role and extra-role performance). Survey data from 532 supervisor subordinate dyads at 18 non-tertiary schools in Macau indicate that 1) social connectedness and loneliness are strongly related to job satisfaction, intention to quit and job performance; 2) social connectedness is negatively related to intention to quit while positively related to job satisfaction and job performance, respectively; 3) loneliness is positively related to intention to quit, negatively related to job satisfaction and job performance, respectively. Findings of the current study may shed light on understanding the difficulty faced by teachers and the setting of countermeasures by the management to improve the current situation.

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Man, Chi Chin


Faculty of Business Administration


Department of Management and Marketing




Teachers -- Macau

Continuing education -- Macau


Lam, Long Wai

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