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Profiling the capacities of effective mangers in Macao small & medium enterprises

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Abstract This study looks at small businesses in Macao, which many people in this city encounter everyday. It would do so through a group of effective managers who are providing a better place for local residents, as well as tourists, to take a moment and enjoy quality food and beverages. The purpose of this research is to provide a message to our audience that Macao can also develop its own group of effective managers who can deliver us quality food and services. Since very often many people question why Macao seems to have no good managers. The research was conducted with fifteen different Small and Medium Enterprises (“SME”) owner-managers through in-depth interviews. The selection was based on the recommendations of other clients - as well as the researcher’s own judgmental decision as a client - who received favorable goods and services from the enterprises. Questionnaire was designed and used to explore their strengths and capabilities in areas such as skills, knowledge and attitudes which corresponded to those capabilities. The findings illustrated the qualities and strengths of effective owner-managers in Macao SME. To find out the work they did in a typical day, and the people that they spent most of their time with, gave us a preliminary idea of how they achieved their success. There were no short-cuts in success. Owner-managers had to start their day working early in the morning and late at night, engaging earnestly the three parties — customers, employees and suppliers — involved in the business of every SME owner-managers. However, effective owner-manager spent most of their time with employees whom they had developed mutual trust and built their success together. To explore a little bit further, our research focused on managerial skill, knowledge and attitudes of effective owner-managers. First, the top three managerial skills were the abilities to innovate new products to market's needs, the techniques to cater customers in appropriate manner, and the accuracy to perform and manage their accounts. Those necessary skills were essential for healthy growth of an enterprise. Second, in order to sharpen one’s skills, owner-managers ought to have better knowledge in their products, people and happenings around them. An effective owner-manager was not only capable of his work within the kitchen but also able to solve problems encountered locally and globally. Third, effective-managers were never tired of their jobs. They delivered respects and are humble enough to learn from their mistakes. The importance of having right attitudes can positively influence and motivate their employees towards the same goals. The satisfactions of owner-managers in reward of their hard work was just a simple “thank you” from their customers, which sounded even better than earning a profit because it implies recognition of their efforts. The network of friends they developed from their customer-base was extra delights compensated from their hard work. Although their satisfaction came from public recognition, they believed rooms for improvements were nevertheless continuous. To enhance the enterprises, the most significant moves were to change any bad attitudes they found within their employees. The managers made them worked with passions and trained them with relevant job skills and knowledge in order to enhance the general quality and services of their enterprises. When our interviewees were asked to define a successful organization, how they viewed a respectful manager and a valued employee, the results were in fact not that surprising. A successful organization, according to them, was always profitable. Internally, they consisted of good management and had a strong supporting team. Externally, the enterprise was widely accepted by public authorities and individuals. A successful manager was always willing to listen to his

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Cheong, Hoi Kam


Faculty of Business Administration


Department of Management and Marketing




Industrial management -- Macau

Small business -- Macau


Kong, Siew Huat

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