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Money laundering control in Macau gaming industry

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Money laundering has been recognized as a criminal activity which causes serious social and economic damages. The traditional method of money laundering is through financial institutions. However, with the development of new science and technology the approaches of money laundering have become more and more diverse. And because the gaming industry has been accepted and legalized by many countries and is still developing very quickly all over the world, the output value of the gaming industry is huge, some money launderers began to use gaming industry to launder their dirty money. We must pay more attention to this situation and establish a complete anti money laundering system in the gaming industry. Money laundering has been a hot topic for criminal and economic research for many years. However, most research focuses on anti money laundering in the financial system. This thesis picks the gaming industry as an entry point and introduces the risk of gaming industry being used for money laundering. The author reviews the anti money laundering regulations in US, EU and Macau, explains the current money laundering control system in Macau gaming industry. After that the thesis points out some problems and inadequacies of the current anti money laundering mechanism of Macau and puts forwards some corresponding preventive measures. This thesis may draw more attention from people on the research of anti money laundering in casinos and other non financial institutions. It may have some significance as a reference to the establishment of anti money laundering system in the gaming industry of Macau. Key words: Money Laundering; Casino; Macau; Currency Transactions Report; Suspicious Activities Report; Gaming Promoters; Internet Gaming; Proceeds of Crime.

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Jiang, Hua


Faculty of Law




Money laundering -- Law and legislation

Money laundering -- Law and legislation -- Macau

Money laundering -- Prevention

Money laundering -- Prevention -- Macau

Gambling industry -- Macau


Godinho, Jorge A. F.

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