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English Abstract

The purpose of this research is to study the current directions of the work values of senior high school students in Macau and to confer relevant affected values. The affected values of this research include sex, parents education level, school subjects, school results and future developing directions. The methodology of this research is questionnaire, the subject of this research is senior high school students in Macau, 981 students had completed this questionnaire. Researcher examined the questionnaire according to the data, after using Descriptive, Mean, Standand deviation, Statistics,independent sample t-test, chi-square &one-way ANOVE methodologies to describe, compile statistics, analysis and discuss, have finalized the following conclusion and suggestion. 1.Most senior high school students in Macau have taken account of work values. Most feedbacks are positive, within 6 different level of values, most students place relationship value as the most important value, the rest are ‘living value’,‘organize value', ‘growing value’, ‘respecting value’, ‘safety value' and ‘livin value’. 2. The better school results of senior high school students in Macau the more they will choose to continue university study after graduation. Reversely, less performing students are more likely to continue with their study after graduation. 3. The result differences between male and female students on work values of senior high school students in Macau are female students,they show higher work values than male students. 4. Parents’ education background have not shown any diversity on senior high school students in Macau work values and other values. 5. Senior high school students in Macau who have taken different school subjects have shown diversity on their work values, growth value, respect value, safety value and organize value. Lastly, researcher has concluded on this result and has given some suggestions to education institute, teachers, parents and society, this is a reference for relevant unit and continuous research. Key terms: Senior high school students in Macau, work values

Chinese Abstract

本研究旨在考察澳門高中三學生對工作價値觀的取向現況,並就其相關的影響因素作出探討。本研究所指的影響因素包括性別、父母教育程度、學科、學業成績及未來發展路向。 本研究以問卷調查法,以澳門高中三學生爲研究對象,共有981名學生完成問卷調查。研究者根據問卷調查資料,以描述性統計、平均數、標準差、獨立樣本t考驗、卡方檢定及單因子變異數分析等方法加描述、統計、分析與討論後,歸納出本研究之以下結論與建議。 一、澳門高中三學生普遍重視工作價值觀,呈正向反應,在六個價值構面中以「人際價値」層面最受到重視,其次為「生存價值」、「組織價値」、「成長價値」、「尊重價値」及「安全價値」。 二、學業成績愈高的澳門高中三學生,愈傾向選擇升讀大學作爲畢業後的計劃;相反,學業成績越低的澳門高中三學生,則越少選擇升學作爲畢業後的計劃。 三、澳門高中三學生其工作價値觀因性別不同而有所差異,在整體及各個構面都是女生高於男生。 四、父親教育程度不同的澳門高中三學生在工作價値觀上均未達顯著差異存在. 五、不同學科的澳門高中三學生在整體工作價値觀、成長價値、尊重價値、安全價値、組織價値及生存價値上均有差異存在。最後,研究者就研究結果作出總結,並對教育機構、教師、家長及社會方面提出一些建議,以供相關單位及後續研究之參考。 關鍵詞:澳門高中三學生、工作價值觀

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Values -- Macau

價値觀 -- 澳門

High school students -- Macau -- Psychology

高中學生 -- 澳門 -- 心理

High school students -- Employment -- Macau

高中學生 -- 就業 -- 澳門



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