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English Abstract

The purpose of this study aims to analyze the relationship between transformational leadership and organizational climate for Private Schools in Macau. In order to achieve the purpose of this study, I searched the theory and documents related to the topic first, then did previous test on questionnaire and revised it to mark the formal version. The samples are 120 teachers of private school in Macao. Data were analyzed by item analysis, factor analysis, reliability analysis, T-test, ANOVA, person Product-Moment Correlation. The findings of this study are as follows: 1. The elementary principals' transformational leadership was at middle level. 2. There were no significant differences in principals' transformational leadership with Teacher's variables. 3. The organization climate of Private schools in Macau could be categorized as ""engaged"" climate. About thirty percents of teachers voted the ""open"" climate, fifty-for percents of teachers voted the ""engaged"" climate. 4. Teachers were hard to feel the supportive behavior of principal but strongly feel the directive behavior and the restrictive behavior. The collegial behavior and the intimate behavior were at higher level, but lower disengaged behavior. 5. There were significant differences in principals' part of organization climate with Teacher's age variables. 6. There were significant differences in principals' part of organization climate with Teacher's career life variables. 7. There were no significant differences in organization climate with Teacher's sexual, educational background and administration post variables. 8. The correlation of transformational leadership and organizational climate was positive and middle level. According to the results of my research, there are few points that may improve the development of private schools in Macau, also can be used as reference for further consideration. 1. Principal of private schools in Macau should pursue further education to improve the comprehension in transformational leadership. 2. Principals should try them best to understand the individual requirement and working pressure of teachers. Principals should provide individual help when necessary. 3. Principals should apply transformational leadership frequently to improve the organizational climate. 4. Principals should show consideration for teachers, reduce the direction behavior and working pressure of teachers. Key Word: Private School, Transformational Leadership, Organizational Climate

Chinese Abstract

本文旨在研究澳門公告網之私立中小學校長轉型領導與學校組織氣氛之關係。為達成研究目的,研究者首先參考相關理論及文獻,作為此次研究的理論基礎及編制研究工具的依據;其次進行問卷的預試、修訂與正式編制;最後以120名教師為研究對象進行問卷調查,並將調查所得資料以t考驗、單因數變異數分析、皮爾遜積差相關法進行統計分析,獲得以下結論: 1. 澳門公共網之私立中小學校長轉型領導的整体及各层面均呈中等程度。 2. 不同性別、年齡、服務年資、學歷背景、是否兼任行政職務之教師所知覺校長轉型領導的程度上無顯著差異。 3. 澳門公共網之私立中小學校組織氣氛30.1%呈現開放型,54%呈現為投入型組織氣氛,隔閡型及封閉型組織氣氛分別佔4.4%和11.5%。澳門公共網之私立中小學校組織氣氛整體上呈現投入型組織氣氛類型。 4. 教師較難知覺到校長的支持行為而普遍感受到校長所採取的監管行為和阻礙行為。教室之間的親密行為和同事行為均屬較高程度,而疏離行為則較低。 5. 不同年齡之教師所知覺學校組織氣氛校長行為部分有顯著差異存在。 6. 服務年資為「6-10年」教師與服務年資為「11-20年」的教師所知覺學校組織氣氛校長行為部分有顯著差異。 7. 不同性別、學歷背景、兼任行政職務的教師知覺學校組織氣氛無顯著性差異存在。 8. 校長轉型領導與學校組織氣氛校長行為部分相關係數為0.62,屬中度正相關。校長轉型領導與學校組織氣氛教師行為部分相關係數為0.28,屬低度正相關。 根據本次研究的結果提出以下建議,以供改進澳門私立中小學校長領導與組織氣氛及進一步研究之用。 1. 澳門公共網私立中小學校長應積極參加專業進修活動,提升自身的轉型領導理論與實踐水準。 2. 學校領導者應盡最大努力瞭解每位教師的個別需求,從教師的立場出發瞭解教師的工作壓力及為教師設想,必要時提供個別協助。 3. 學校領導者應多應用轉型領導行為以提升學校組織氣氛。 4. 學校領導者應增加對教師的支持及關懷,適當減少對教師和學校活動嚴密的監管與控制,不應過分將注意力放在過度瑣碎的學校事務上。嘗試瞭解教師的心理需求,減少教師各種與教學無關的工作,減少教師的工作負擔。 關鍵詞:私立中小學,轉型領導,組織氣氛

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Faculty of Education




School management and organization -- Macau

學校管理及組織 -- 澳門

School principals -- Macau

學校校長 -- 澳門

Educational leadership -- Macau

教育領導 -- 澳門



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