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English Abstract

The purpose of this research is to investigate in depth the motivation and attitude of primary students in physical education lessons in Macau. From the teaching of integrated physical education curriculum and the curriculum analysis it to understand the relation between students' learning outcome and sport attitude is studied. This research was done based on an action study with a sample size of 83 grade 4 students (including Class D and F). Data was collected based on teacher's in class observation on how students react to the designed differentiated curriculum and as a result having different learning outcomes. Data analyzed was being studied by comparing a subject-centered curriculum with an integrated physical education lesson and to investigate into students' response and learning performance due to such difference. Data analyzed showed that: 1. Students' curiosity and interests in integrated curriculum was drawn. 2. Under the teaching environment with an integrated curriculum, students were having a better sport performance and development than under teaching with a subject-centered curriculum. 3. However, when looking at mathematics students taught with subject-centered curriculum showed a better score than students with integrated curriculum education. 4. Students are more fond of having physical education classes under an integrated curriculum design. Keywords: Integrated curriculum, physical education, primary students, Macau

Chinese Abstract

本研究主要目的在於了解現時小學生在體育課學習成效及對運動態度的研究,從體育教學及統整體育課程教學兩方面處理,分析兩種教學與學習成效及運動態度的關係。本研究以 83 名小四級 (D 班及F班) 學生作為研究樣本,研究方法以「行動研究」的模式收集數據,通過教師觀察學生在不同課程、條件及項目所作的反應,及學者成效作為研究項目。收集到的資料會加以整理及作出分析,探討以學科為中心的體育課與統整體育課之間的關係,學生的整體學習態度與學業成績的差異。本研究發現 : 一. 學生對統整課程感興趣。 二. 以統整教學學習的方式較以學科為中心的方式,在運動興趣的發展及成績均較優越。 三. 以統整教學學習的方式較以學科為中心的方式,在數學興趣的發展及成績均較優越。 四. 學生喜歡以統整教學學習的方式進行體育課。 關鍵詞:統整課程 體育 小學生 澳門

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Faculty of Education




Physical education and training -- Macau

體育教育及訓練 -- 澳門

Interdisciplinary approach in education -- Macau

跨學科課程整合 (教育) -- 澳門

Curriculum planning -- Macau

課程規劃 -- 澳門



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