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English Abstract

Applying the grounded theory of qualitative research method, this research aims to find out marriage and love attitudes of high school students from divorced families, the effects of parents’ divorces on their high school children's attitudes toward marriage and love, as well as the factors that contribute to these effects, and thus recognizes how the effects of parents’ divorces on their high school children's attitudes toward marriage and love take place. The subjects of this research are high school students between the age of 16 and 20, 5 females and 3 males in total. After arranging, describing and analyzing the data of the interviews, this research has the following findings: 1. Children who see more quarrels of their parents have higher expectancy of their parents’ divorces, while those who have never seen quarrels of their parents have lower expectancy of their parents' divorces. 2. Parents’ quarrels before the divorce and their arrangement of the family and their children are the crucial factors that affect their children’s attitudes toward marriage and love Children will summarize the causes of their parents’ divorces. These causes will be important elements that constitute to their attitudes toward their marriage and love. For example, if their parents get divorced because of extramarital relations, they will have a higher requirement on loyalty from their partners; if their parents get divorced because of bad habits, they will have a higher standard on the morality of their partners. 3. Children who have a divorced family will have two completely different attitudes toward marriage: one attitude holds that marriage is bandage, and the other hopes that they can establish perfect marriages. However, both attitudes take their children's happiness and their economic conditions as important factors in considering marriages. 4. There are differences of marriage and love attitude between high school boys and girls. In a romantic relationship, high school boys have a higher requirement on themselves than high school girls; high school boys are more conservative on the attitudes toward marriage than high school girls; in a romantic relationship or marriage, high school boys demand peace, while high school girls demand the sense of security; quite a lot of high school girls is disappointed by or worried about males; both high school boys and high school girls want to compensate their “inner children” by their next generation. At last, this research concludes with this theoretical mode: parents’ divorces will affect their children's attitudes toward marriage and love, but the variables of the children will affect the extent and the content of the effect of parents' divorces. This research also provides some suggestions for study, counseling and related fields in the future upon the discoveries above. Key word: Marriage and love attitudes, parents’ divorces, high school students

Chinese Abstract

本研究是透過質性研究的紮根理論研究方法,了解離異家庭高中生的婚姻、戀愛態度,探討父母離異事件對高中生子女的婚姻、戀愛態度的影響,造成這種影響的因素,從而知道父母離異事件對子女婚姻、戀愛態度的影響歷程。 本研究以16-20歲的高中生為研究對象,共訪問了5女3男,針對他們的訪談資料作出整理、描述及分析,得出的研究發現如下: 1.目睹父母越高衝突的子女對父母離異的知覺越高,而沒有目睹衝突的子 女對父母離異的知覺越低。 2.離異前的衝突、離異後對家庭和子女的處理是影響他們婚姻戀愛態度的重要因素 子女會總結父母離異的原因,而這種原因往往構成他們日後對婚姻戀愛態度的重要元素,如父母因為第三者而分開,則對忠誠的要求特別注重;若父母因為染上惡習而分開,則會對伴侶品行的要求更嚴格等。 3.離異家庭的子女會出現兩種對婚姻截然不同的態度,一種認為婚姻是一種束縛,另一種則更希望自己能建立完美的婚姻。但上述兩者都會以孩子的幸福及經濟條件為進入婚姻的重要考量。 4.男性和女性高中生在婚姻、戀愛態度上會有所不同。男高生在關係中比女高中生有較多的自我要求;男高中生對婚姻的態度比女高中生保守;男高中生在戀愛、婚姻關係要求和諧,女高中生在戀愛、婚姻關係中要求安全感;女高中生較常出現對男性的失望和擔心;男高中生和女高中生均希望藉下一代補償自己的“內心小孩”。 最後,本研究整理出的理論模式為父母離異事件會對子女的婚姻、戀愛態度造成影響,但子女本身的個人變項會影響父母離異事件的影響程度和內容。並且針對上述研究發現,提出在對未來研究、輔導及相關領域的建議。 關鍵字:婚姻戀愛態度、父母離異、高中生

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Faculty of Education




Adult children of divorced parents


Adult children of divorced parents -- Macau

離婚父母的成年子女 -- 澳門

Marriage -- Macau

婚姻 -- 澳門

Youth -- Macau -- Attitudes

青少年 -- 澳門 -- 態度

High school students -- Macau -- Attitudes

高中學生 -- 澳門 -- 態度



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