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English Abstract

Abstract In recent years, “Life education” has become a hot topic in the field of education in Chinese communitie. The respect for individuals is aways a focal concern in the educational circle. In mainland China, with the reform of new curriculum, “Life education” has been paid special attention by local educational authorities. The emergence of “Life education” is a response to practical social issues as Well as a new reflection of education value itself “Life education” is a educational concept much depended on social context. Hence,a series of problems may arise: What are the differences between the life education in China and other Chinese communities? What is the relationship between the educational value-orientation and the concept of life education? What are the reasons why life education is developing so slowly in China in spite of its great significance? All these questions call for a furthet understanding and inquiry into the educational conception, Chinese culture and other Social context. This study adopts a qualitative approach from a policy-analysis perspective, It analyzes the educational laws and regulations as text and discourse, inquires the explicit and hidden meanings of the text on knowledge and discusses the perspectives of powet by discourse analysis. Based on the above mentioned analysis, this paper discusses the relations between the educational value-orientation and life education. Finally, this thesis proposes a construction plan of life education in China. Key words: educational laws and regulations, life education, discourse analysis.

Chinese Abstract

摘要 近年來,「生命教育」逐漸成為華人地區教育領域的熱點議題,對個體生命的尊重亦成為教育界的關注焦點.在中國內地,伴隨中國新一輪基礎教育改革的進程,生命教育亦逐漸受到地方教育行政當局的重視。生命教育的出現,既是對現實社會問題的回應,更是對教育價值定位的重新審視。生命教育是一個具有相當情境化的教育理念,那麼,在中國大陸的生命教育和其他國家的地區有何不同?中國教育的價值導向和生命教育理念之間的關聯如何?為什麼生命教育如此重要,但為何在中國卻姍姍來遲且進程緩慢?要對於這些問題做出回答,需要對中國大陸的教育基本理念、社會文化、環境脈絡等方面問題進行深入了解和剖析。 本研究採用質性研究取向,從政策分析的觀點切入,講教育法律法規視為文本與論述,探討文本中所隱含的內顯意義,並配合時空脈絡的理解,針對其條文內容背後隱藏的知識、權力觀點進行論述分析,並在此基礎上探討法律法規中內顯意義、價值取向與大陸生命教育話語之間的關聯,並嘗試提出大陸生命教育內容的建構方案。 關鍵詞:教育法規 生命教育 論述分析

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Faculty of Education




Life -- Study and teaching -- China

人生 -- 學習及教學 -- 中國

Conduct of life -- Study and teaching -- China

修養 -- 學習及教學 -- 中國

Educational law and legislation -- China

教育法規 -- 中國



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