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English Abstract

Abstract The aim of this action research is to develop a curriculum for local environmental education. Before implementing this curriculum, researcher studied the literature of environmental education and the syllabus of environmental education of Macau and the neighborhood. Researcher formulated various goals for the curriculum concerning local environment education and developed the textbook following the guideline of the goals. The research questions of this study are: (1) How do teachers design the local environmental education curriculum? (2) What kind of problem the teachers will face when conducting this curriculum? (3)What kind of factor will influence the implementation of this curriculum? In the process, researcher revised the content of teaching materials, refined the teaching strategies, and amended the lessons. Over 5 weeks’ implementation, researcher collected teacher's reflection diaries, observation records and other documents as data analysis resources. Information obtained from students was also included and analyzed. After analyzing the information withtriangulation technique, researcher's findings show: (1) The curriculum development and textbook designing of local environmental education are difficult. (2) It is not easy to include student in local environmental education curriculum. (3) The implementation of local environmental education curriculum is difficult to observe and record. (4) It's good to use self-design textbook to implement local environmental education curriculum. (5) The shortage of education resources influences the development and the implementation of the curriculum. (6) The teaching method influences the result of curriculum implementation. (7) Students’idea and attitude towards grades and levels will influence the implementation of local environmental education curriculum. (8) The success of local environmental education curriculum depends on whether students are provided with enough opportunities and time to learn. Finally, based on the findings obtained, some practical suggestions for the implementation of local environmental education curriculum and future development were made. Key words: Environmental education, Action research

Chinese Abstract

摘要本研究以行動研究的方法進行本地環境教育課程的發展,研究者對環境教育 的文獻、本地及鄰近地區的環境教育綱要進行探討,制定本地環境教育課程的教 學目標,再根據這些目標設計和實施本地環境教育教材。本研究所要探討的問題 有:一、如何設計本地環境教育教材?二、實施本地環境教育教材的困難爲何?三、影響本地環境教育教材實施的因素爲何?研究者在課程的發展與實施階段中,不斷地檢討與改進教學方法,修正課程内容,經過五周本地環境教育課程的實施,研究者將教師之教學日誌、課堂記錄、其他文件資料,並透過對學生訪談所得的資料,進行三角交叉分析歸納,得到以下的結論:一、本地環境教育課程發展及教材編寫困難二、本地環境教育課程不易使所有的學生都參與學習三、本地環境教育課程的實施不易進行觀察及記錄四、應探用本地的環境题材自編教材五、教育資源短缺影響教材的發展與實施六、教學方式影響教材的實施成效七、學生對分數與等第的觀念和態度影響教材的實施八、課程成功的關鍵在於提供學生充分的機會和時間學習。最後,基於上述之研究結論,分別針對本地環境教育課程之發展、實施及未來之發展提出具體之建議。關鍵詞:環境教育、行動研究

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Faculty of Education




Environmental education -- Macau

環境教育 -- 澳門

Environmental protection -- Study and teaching -- Macau

環境保護 -- 學習及教學 -- 澳門

Curriculum planning -- Macau

課程規劃 -- 澳門



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