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A study of the insights on gambling behavior of Mainland Chinese : a qualitative approach

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Gambling is now a popular activity participated by people all around the world. As the only legalized gambling place in Greater China, Macao hit a record of 10.49 billion US dollars of its total gaming revenue generated by its casino industry last year (DICJ, 2007), which exceeded Las Vegas and made Macao the very first among all other countries in terms of gaming revenue. (Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau of Macau, 2006). Much attention has been drawn on gambling related researches. However, most gaming studies were conducted in western countries, e.g. the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia (e.g. Griffiths M.D., 1994, Omar Moufakkir et. al., 2004). Very few literature regarding Chinese gamblers' gambling behavior were seen published. As more and more Chinese become a major resource of Macao gaming participants, there is a need and also a greater opportunity to study the gaming behavior of Mainland Chinese gamblers. In previous cognitive-based researches, it is believed that gamblers have "flawed" beliefs towards gambling. And studies on western gamblers have brought forward several common cognitive biases of gamblers. The purpose of this study is to identify biased cognitive factors in Chinese gamblers who gamble in Macao, and will explore the effects those biases bring on Chinese tourists' gambling behavior. By taking a qualitative approach into the study, narrative data was collected. 2 focus groups each of 6 Mainland Chinese tourists were interviewed about their thoughts and gambling behavior in Macao casinos. One focus group of 7 non-gambler Chinese tourists was also interviewed as comparison to the gamblers groups. The finding of this study shows that these gamblers exert some different attributes from what western researches have suggested. Some biases do not necessarily have influence on their behavior; some biases even seem not to exist among these gamblers. Chinese gamblers' behavior is now still a mystery to be studied.

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Zhu, Jing Jing


Faculty of Business Administration


Department of Management and Marketing




Compulsive gambling -- China

Gambling -- Psychological aspects -- China


Sousa, Cristina Maria Gloria

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