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English Abstract

This study aims to understand the influence of students’ school achievement and learning manner on the commanding of the chapter“circle”among students of CAI class. Moreover, it investigates the difference between students of CAI class and the ones who have no experience of CAI class with regard to learning achievement and manner. The instrument of this study is the pre-experimental method. It adopts the pretest-posttest equivalent groups design. The subjects of this study are 104 junior 3 students from two classes of a school in Macao. Students are divided into two classes randomly. One class is the experimental group and the other is the control group. The PG_Lab assisting teaching approach is adopted for the experimental group while the traditional teaching approach is for the control group. The experimental teaching lasts for three weeks, each student group is provided with four periods of Plane Geometry lesson per week. The length of time for each period is 40 minutes. To the experimental group, PG_Lab assisting teaching approach is adopted in five periods within the three weeks. For the remaining seven periods, both the traditional teaching instruction and computer assisting instruction are adopted. Before the experimental teaching, the two groups are required to take the pretest concerning the understanding of the chapter “circle” and also students’ learning manner. After the experimental teaching, the two groups are provided with the posttest concerning the same subject matters. After processing and analyzing the data, four significant findings are reported: 1. Significant difference is reported among students with different academic achievement in the experimental group when the learning achievement concerning the chapter “circle” is investigated. 2.No significant difference is found among students with various learning manners in the experimental group when the learning achievement concerning the chapter “circle” is investigated. 3. With regard to the learning of “circle, significant difference was found among high-level and low-level students in both experimental group and control group while no significant difference is found among the students of middle level. 4. In reference to the learning of “circle", no significant difference is found among all students of the two target groups when learning manner is examined.

Chinese Abstract

本研究的主要目的在於了解學生在CAI課程中學習圓單元的成效是否受到學習成 就或數學學習態度的影響,同時了解接受過CAI 課程的學生與未接受過 CAI 課程的學生在學習成效及數學學習態度的改變上之差異。 研究方法爲準實驗研究法,採用等組前測一後測設計,研究對象為澳門某中學初中三年級兩個班的學生,共104人,將兩個班以班級為單位隨機分派,其中一班為實驗組,另一班爲控制組,實驗組實施「PG_Lab 電腦輔助教學」,控制組實施「傳統講述式教學」。本實驗教學爲期三周,每班一個星期有四節平幾課,每節40分鐘,對於實驗組,三周內共有5節配合PG_Lab電腦輔助教學,其他7節課為傳統講述式與電腦輔助教學。實驗教學前,兩組都接受圓單元成就測驗前測及數學學習態度前測,實驗教學後兩組都接受圓單元後測及數學學習態度後測,各項資料經統計處理分析後,得到下列四項主要發現: 1.針對初中幾何科圓單元,實驗組不同學習成就的學生,數學學習成效具有顯著的差異; 2.針對初中幾何科圆單元,實驗組不同數學學習態度的學生,數學學習成效未達顯著的差異; 3.針對初中幾何科圓單元,實驗組與控制組的高分群和低分群學生,其學習成效都達到顯著的差異,而中分群的學生未達顯著的差異; 4.針對初中幾何科圓單元,實驗組與控制組的高分群、中分群和低分群學生,在數學學習態度的改變上均未達顯著的差異。

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Faculty of Education




Computer-assisted instruction


Computer-assisted instruction -- Macau

電腦輔助教學 -- 澳門

Geometry -- Study and teaching (Middle school) -- Macau

幾何學 -- 學習及教學 (高級小學至初級中學) -- 澳門

Junior high school students -- Macau

初級中學學生 -- 澳門



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