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English Abstract

This study aims at exploring the relationship among teachers'perception in professional role, career satisfaction and job burnout of primary school teachers in Macao. The main objectives are to explore:(1) perceived professional role; (2) perceived job satisfaction;(3) perceived job burnout;(4)the inter-relationship among the former three concepts; and(5) reasons for leaving their teaching profession. Survey research method is being used in this study and data was taken from teachers from 24 primary schools in Macao making up of a total sample size of 510, another sample of 11 teachers who have leaving school. Data are analyzed by using SPSS and statistical tools used are means, standard deviation, Cronbach's Alpha, t-test, ANOVA with Scheffe post-hoc analysis. The main conclusions are: 1. the perception of primary school teachers on their professional role is at medium level or above; 2. the perception of primary school teachers on their job satisfaction is at medium level; 3. the perception of primary school teachers on their job burnout is at medium level; 4. the relation between professional role and job satisfaction is significantly positive, and those between professional role and job burnout, and also those between job satisfaction and job burnout are both negative; and 5. the main reasons for leaving the profession are high workload, tired, and sense of failure.

Chinese Abstract

本研究主旨在探討目前澳門學校小學教師專業角色知覺認知、生涯滿意度與 職業倦怠的情形,透過澳門本島、氹仔和路環24間小學,對教師作問卷調查, 以期達成以下之研究目的:一·教師對教師專業角色的認知情況。二·教師生涯 的滿意程度。三·教師職業倦怠的情況。四·教師專業角色的認知、生涯的滿意 度與職業倦怠的相關。五·探討近年來教師離職因素。 本研究探用問卷調查法,關於教師專業角色知覺、生涯滿意度與職業倦怠的相關研究,調査的對象為澳門天主教學校小學教師,共收回510份問卷;關於離職教師的離職因素調查,共收回11份問卷。回收問卷以spss11.0統計軟件進行資料分析,並以平均數、標準差、Cronbach’s Alpha係數信度分析、t考驗、單因子變異數分析、事後分析(Scheffe)。本研究之結論如下: (1)小學教師對教師專業角色知覺的了解程度為中等程度以上; (2)小學教師對教師生涯滿意度程度爲中等程度; (3)小學教師對教師職業倦怠程度為中等程度; (4)教師專業角色知覺與教師生涯滿意度呈正相關;教師專業角色知覺與教師職業倦怠呈負相關:教師生涯滿意度與教師職業倦怠呈負相關; (5)教師離職因素以工作負荷大、疲勞及挫折感爲最主要因素。

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Faculty of Education




Primary school teachers -- Macau

初級小學教師 -- 澳門

Primary school teachers -- Job satisfaction -- Macau

初級小學教師 -- 工作滿意度 -- 澳門

Primary school teachers -- Job stress -- Macau

初級小學教師 -- 工作壓力 -- 澳門

Primary school teachers -- Psychological aspects

初級小學教師 -- 心理方面

Primary school teachers -- Mental health -- Macau

初級小學教師 -- 精神健康 -- 澳門



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