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English Abstract

This study is mainly concerned with the present situation of the participation in school administration of the parents in Macao. Through the research, we can understand better about the details, the attitude of the parents and the main influential factors. Therefore, first, through the analyses of the bibliographies, we can know about the connotation of the parents in school administration, the importance of the past history of the development of the participation of the parents in the mainland China, the overseas or in Macao, and what the influential factors are. Then, after having gained and analyzed the descriptive statistic data of the questionnaire, it is known that teachers and secondary students’ parents all agree that this issue is positive and it can not only help students, teachers, but also schools even parents. Parents think that there is no influence on their participation in school administration, but teachers have different opinions. The findings of the research show that the subject matter is the conference between teachers and parents on the student's behaviors and their results of study. However, the most influential factors are the impossibility to cooperate in meeting, the traditional concepts, whether teachers contact parents actively and make them feel accepted and respected. Based on the research results, it is necessary to regard parents as the resources for school development, even drive but not resist the education innovation in Macao. Therefore, the executive authorities of education in Macao must take the lead in well developing the related laws and regulations. Schools should let the patriarchal system make good use of its functions and think up a method to solve their worries. Besides, parents should also give up the traditional concepts and participate in the school affairs in an active and enthusiastic way. As a result, not only students and teachers, but also schools and parents can both get benefits from it.

Chinese Abstract

本研究想探討澳門家長參與學校事務的現況,想著此研究了解現在澳門中學生的家長參與學校事務的內容,家長們對參與學校事務持何種態度,又有哪些是影響家長參與學校事務最重要的因素。 爲此,本研究先透過文獻分析,以了解家長參與學校事務的內涵,國內外及澳門家長參與學校事務的發展沿革及重要性,以及有何影響因素。再透過調查問卷所得到的數據用以分析後得知,澳門中學生的家長及教師對於家長參與學校事務這個問題,都肯定其正面的功能,但家長與教師在家長參與學校事務負面的影響方面存在不同的意見。另外研究也發現家長參與校務的內容以溝通協調方面的事務為主。而時間無法配合、傳統觀念的影響、教師能否主動連絡家長,令他們感到被接納、尊重是影響家長參與校務最重要的因素。 研究結論:要把家長這一資源變成學校發展,甚至澳門教育改革的動力,不令其成爲阻力,這樣,澳門教育行政當局必定要起牽頭的作用;學校要讓家長會發揮其應有功能;而教師、家長也要放棄傳統觀念。只有這樣,才能達到學生、教師、學校、家長都得益的局面。

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Faculty of Education




Home and school -- Macau

家與學校 -- 澳門

School management and organization -- Parent participation -- Macau

學校管理及組織 -- 父母參與 -- 澳門

Education, Secondary -- Parent participation -- Macau

高中教育 -- 父母參與 -- 澳門



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