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English Abstract

In this research “Investigation on how secondary schools in Macau deal with students that break regulations seriously", it will explore methods and procedures that schools and teachers will use on the problem students, how schools execute their rules, the punishment policy, the outcome of the punished students, and the effects of punished students to other students. This research will also compare teachers with different backgrounds and the methodologies they used on problem students. This research used questionnaires as the tool for data collection. It targeted on secondary school teachers and collected information about procedures that teachers used on problem students in Macau. Questionnaires were sent to 22 secondary schools in Macau and 15 of them were completed and returned.The return rate of this survey is 73% and the title of the survey is “Problem students in Macau's secondary schools and school policy on problem students questionnaire". The data collected was analyzed and processed using frequency and crosstab methods. Research result are as follows: The way secondary schools in Macau handle problem students: With a higher percentage among the answers, the majority participants answered that school officers will follow school regulations to punish problem students and to hold meetings to discuss how to deal with problem students. Also, most participants replied that problem students might not be corrected and become better after punishment. But it might increase the awareness of other students about the outcome of breaking regulations. Furthermore, most participants responded that their points of view on dealing with student issue are same as that of the school. Analysis on teacher with different backgrounds and the ways they deal with problem students: Since participants have different backgrounds, their opinions are not the same. But most of the participants have similar opinios. According to the analyzed result and conclusion, this research provides suggestions and future perspectives to educational organizations, school executive parties, and teachers.

Chinese Abstract

本研究旨在「探討澳門中學對嚴重違規學生的處理」,瞭解澳門中學及負責學生違規行爲的訓導老師,對嚴重違規學生處理之現況,對現時學校校規之執行、學校在懲罰違規學生的制度、違規學生受罰後之情況、對其他學生是否有嚇阻作用等,進行相關之研究;同時比較不同背景的學校訓導老師,對嚴重違規學生的處理方式如何。 本研究探用調查研究法以問卷作爲研究工具,調查澳門中學負責學生行爲問題部門的老師,對一般違規及嚴重違規學生的處理情況。以澳門中學作為研究單 位,共向22間澳門中學發出問卷,共回收15間中學的問卷,以學校爲單位計算 回收率達73%。研究工具為「澳門中學生嚴重違規行爲與學校決策意見調查問 卷」。回收問卷後所得的資料,以頻率分析、交叉表crosstab進行資料處理及分 析,結果發現: 澳門中學對嚴重違規學生處理之現況 大部份受試者認爲學校會按校規懲罰學生、學校會按學校行政決策會議模式處理學生問題的比率較高。 大部份受試者認為學生受罰後行為不一定會變好的比率較高。但對其他學生有一定的嚇阻作用等。 大部份受試者認爲學校做法與自己的看法一致。 不同背景的訓導老師對嚴重違規學生的處理分析 不同背景因素的受試者,對此問題有不同的看法,但大部份的受試者看法大致相同。根據研究結果與結論,本研究分別對教育行政機構、學行政單位、訓導 老師及未來研究提出建議。

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School discipline -- Macau

學校紀律 -- 澳門

School management and organization -- Macau

學校管理及組織 -- 澳門

Educational surveys -- Macau

教育調查 -- 澳門



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