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English Abstract

Abstract Wiki, which means “quick! quick!” in Hawaiian aboriginal dialect, has now become a popular name of an online collaborative writing platform. Wikipedia, an encyclopedia on the network written by internet surfers all around the globe, is the most outstanding and successful example. Both the authoritativeness and the number of entries and articles in Wikipedia are challenging those of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Wiki is considered to be the best supporting platform in collaborative learning. The appearance of Wikipediashows two important enlightenments in education. 1) It is the achievement of sharing and collaboration of study groups through learning. More than that, it can also be used as a scaffold by other groups of learners to reach a high level. 2) The process of production itself is the process oflearning. It is believed that most learners acquire some knowledge through the accomplishment of tasks. Some educationists have pointed out that learning becomes more effective through sharing and cooperation. Mathematics is a major subject in high school education. It is the foundation of all scientific subjects. In recent years, students seem not to be patient enough to seek to understand mathematics thoroughly, they are eager to find solutions briefly rather than do operations themselves. They recite formulae without knowing how to use or explicate them. They seem to be gradually losing interest in the subject. One purpose of this research is trying, like the mode of Wikipedia, to boost the writing of a complete, dynamic and diversified learning diary through the collaboration between teachers and students, and thus enhance students’ learning interest and improve their results. The other purpose of this research is trying to find out if, under the Wiki-like learning environment, are there significant co-relationships between students’ amount of contribution and learning achievement in the learning of mathematics? Is a student’s amount of contribution the main factor that really affect his achievement in the study of mathematics? Through data analysis, this is a research trying to find out the relations between students’amount of contribution and learning achievement. Besides, the researcher tries to find, via questionnaires, if students’ learning attitude can be improved in such kind of open learning environment. Results show that: 1) There are remarkable co-relations between students’ amount of contribution and their learning achievement in Mathematics.2) Students’ learning attitude seemed to have improved in this open, co-operative learning environment, but not to a significant degree. 3) Grouping by sex, the amount of contribution between boys and girls did not show much difference. The coefficient of girls’ contribution and learning achievement in mathematics was slightly higher than that of boys, but not remarkable.4) Grouping by the ranking of high, medium and low leaming ability, students from high- marks group contributed the most, over 60%, of the total amount.5) A student's contribution has been proved to be the key factor of his achievement in learning mathematics, but it is not the only factor.6) Students’main purpose of taking part in the writing of this network diary is hoping to see the process of calculation of their counterparts, so as to improve their ability in learning and writing of mathematics diary. Keywords: Wiki, Mathematics learning achievement, Correlation, Collaborative learning

Chinese Abstract

摘要 Wiki 在夏威夷語中本意是「快點,快點」的意思:然而,現在已經成爲一個協作(Collaborative)式寫作平台的代名詞。維基網絡百科全書(Wikipedia)就是一個最好、最成功的例子,它是透用網絡社群的協作力量而寫成的一本網絡百科全書。維基百科中文章的數量以及内容的權威性已經直逼大英百科全書。Wiki是最好支持合作學習的網絡平台。維基百科的横空出現對教育有兩個重要的啓示:1)學習的成果:就是通過學習社群的分享和協作可以完成一個很完美的成果;而且,它不僅僅是一個學習的成果,而且還可以被其他學習者所用,變為另一個學習的膺架。2)學習的過程:製作過程就是一個很好的學習過程,大多數的學習者都可以通過完成一個任務而從中得到學習。更有專家指出透過分享和合作的模式進行學習,學習的效果會更爲有效。 數學教學是中學教學中一門非常重要的科目,它是各個理科學習的基礎。但近年來,許多學生都害怕數學,不求甚解、急功近利、只會死背公式,失去了學習數學的興趣。本研究的目的就是通過仿效維基網絡百科全書的合作寫作方式,師生合作共同寫作一份多角度的、多元化的、完整的學習筆記,希望可以提升學生的學習興趣,提高學習成效;另一方面,亦希望探討在Wiki網絡合作環境下 學習,學生發表貢獻的數量與其數學學習成就是否存在顯著的相關?學生在Wiki中發表貢獻的數量是不是影響數學學習成就的主要因素? 本研究主要是以數據分析的方法探討學生發表貢獻的數量與數學學習成就的相關研究。另外,還以問卷調查法,探討在這種開放合作環境下學習,會否提高學生對學習數學的學習態度。研究結果顯示:1)學生發表貢獻的數量與數學學習成就是存在顯著的相關。2)在這種開放合作環境下學習,學生對學習數學的學習態度會略爲提高,但未達到顯著程度。3)以性別分組,男生和女生發表貢 獻的數量不存在顯著的差異。女生發表貢獻的數量與數學學習成就的相關係數會稍高於男生,但未達到顯著程度。4)以數學學習能力分爲高、中、低三組,高分組的學生發表貢獻的數量非常多,佔了總發表量的六成以上。5)發表貢獻是影響數學學習成效的一個重要因素,但不是一個主要因素。6)學生參與網絡合作寫作學習筆記的主要目的是希望可以看看別人計算過程、可以幫助自己整理學習筆記和提高自己的數學學習能力。 關鍵字: 維基,數學學習成就,相關研究,合作學習

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Mathematics -- Study and teaching (Secondary)

數學 -- 學習及教學 (高中)

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