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Remedies in WTO dispute settlement mechanism : a study of scope, ambit, effectiveness of the mechanism and the proposals for future reform

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PREFACE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This project is completed as a graduation thesis for the master degree in international law at the University of Macau. I was attracted to the evolution of remedies in the WTO dispute settlement system. Remedies as a field that is important in both public and private law are of central interest in international law today. As China entered the WTO in December 2001, it is now needless to say the significance of WTO remedies for China. In addition, WTO law appears to be an evolving one, the final shape of which is yet to appear. Even though this project is completed as my graduation thesis, I recognize it as a beginning of research in the future direction, but not the end. Because I am sure the research related to the WTO need to be a ceaseless one, due to the evolving nature of the WTO practice. I am grateful to all those who supported me during my research: many generous friends and staff of international library of university of Macau helped me search many materials relevant to this topic. I am especially indebted to Professor Muruga Perumal, my supervisor for his dedicated guidance and valuable comments made on my thesis. I should also point out that I have learned a lot from Professor Paulo Canelas de Castro while doing my research, because he gave me new ideas and was always ready and willing to help. I would like to thank all professors at this Master of European Union law, International Law and Comparative Law program, and especially to Professor. Trigo, Professor Liu Gao Long, Professor Ignazio Castellucci, Professor Mancuso and Professor Sze. In addition, a special thanks to the University Senate Research Committee, University of Macau and Faculty of Law, giving me a chance to do Research Assistant, the experience of which let me learn much more on the method and thread of research, for the Master of European Union Law, International Law and Comparative Law program Finally, I wish to thank to my family for their unwavering support, and most especially to my Mao Yan Hong and to my parents, who stress the value of education. Tao Yang Macau, August 2005

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Tao, Yang


Faculty of Law




International commercial arbitration

Foreign trade regulation

Dispute resolution (Law)


Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal

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