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Marketing in a small place : the case of the tertiary sector of Macau

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SYNOPSIS Marketing is not a very developed discipline in Macau although her neighbor, noticeably, Hong Kong enjoys good development in this field. This study aims mainly at investigating the level of maturity of marketing management, with particular emphasis on the tertiary sector in Macau. Only five industries are studied namely hotel, banking, insurance, telecommunications and marketing service industries. Personal interviews are conducted with the managers of the above-mentioned industries following a pre-set questionnaire. To achieve the objective, the three components of marketing are investigated, namely, the marketing practice, marketing philosophy held and the marketing organization. Results shown that the tertiary sector in Macau are partially developed in marketing thinking and marketing practice but not well-organized for the marketing function. In addition, a comparison is made among the banking, hotel and insurance industries and significant differences can be found among them. Managers hold very different views on what marketing is and many failed to identify its true meaning. Many of them view it as unimportant simply because "connections" can already sustain their business. Others view it as supplementary to the sales function. Still others think that it is a fantasy and they do not have time for it. Some of them have marketing diffused into their daily operation and decision making while very few can truly interpret marketing as identifying and fulfilling customers needs. Reasons sighted for the immature marketing management includes small size of Macau as well as the companies, heavy reliance on Hong Kong, lack of professional marketing people and the traditional mentality of business people. Based on all these findings, it is found that Macau's way of marketing is peculiar to the place. One special feature is the importance of connections as a key philosophy for many companies. Non-systematic and personal approaches characterized the marketing practice of this place and managers usually hold short-term views. Competitions are keen but friendly relationships are maintained among the companies. Macau should be well-prepared for global challenges and one necessary element is to develop marketing. Joint efforts are required from three entities: the Government, business partitioners and educational institutions in providing qualified marketing people and a favorable environment. It is through these improvements that a bright future can be expected of Macau.

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Mac, Vai Iun


Faculty of Business Administration


Department of Management and Marketing




Marketing research -- Macau

Service industries -- Macau

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