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Occupational stress of front line staffs of banks in Macau

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Occupational stress had widely aroused the attention of both employers and employees, especially in the Western Countries. As the banking industry is one of the main economic pillars in Macau, it is worth to investigate the stress encountered by their front line staffs and to identify the major stressors in this sector. 610 sets of questionnaires (Occupational Stress Indicator - 2) were distributed in the five major banks: Banco de China (BOC), Banco Nacional Ultramarine (BNU), Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC), Banco Tai Fung S.A.R.L. (BTF) and Banco Delta Asia S.A.R.L. (BDA) in Macau. A total of 346 completed questionnaires were collected. The front line staffs of the five banks reflected that their job satisfaction was between 'Some dissatisfaction' and 'Some satisfaction'. The staffs from BOC were the least satisfied while those from BDA were the most satisfied ones. The mental well-being and physical well-being of the respondents were above average. BDA was the least healthy group while BTF was the healthiest group. The results on the comparison of age were homogeneous but the results were significantly different of the two genders. In the aspect of absenteeism, the respondents had taken an average of 2.78 days of sick leave in the past 3 months. Besides, there was 95.1% (329 respondents) had seriously considered quitting their jobs. The eight major sources of stress: workload, relationships, home/work balance, managerial role, personal responsibility, hassles, recognition and organization climate were considered 'Generally is a source' of stress by the respondents. Except for managerial role, staffs from two banks believed that it was generally not a source of tension. The Pearson relationship between stressors, strain and moderators were studied. BOC was found the only bank that had a positive correlation between stress and job satisfaction. Another interesting finding was that only the results of HSBC showed that the staffs' mental and physical well-being were negatively correlated with stress. Further, stress was found did not has a strong relationship with the quitting intention. The staffs of the five banks, except HSBC, reflected that those had a stronger tendency to Type A Behaviour would experience more stress.

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Chang, Wai Hong


Faculty of Business Administration


Department of Management and Marketing




Job stress

Banks and banking -- Macau


Nasol, Ramon Lino

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