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Factors influencing the purchase of tickets to cultural events

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Executive Summary The purpose of this study was to examine the factors influencing the three positive audience behavioral outcomes (Pay More, Loyalty, and Positive Word of Mouth) of cultural event audience members. Specifically, the focus was on the roles played by Quality, Value, and Satisfaction in generating the three positive audience behavioral outcomes. Segmentation variables were also investigated with the purpose of identifying who is more likely to perform the three positive behaviors. A total of 455 audience members of Macau Cultural Centre were included in the sample of this study, of which 336 were Female and 119 were male. Intercorrelation and stepwise multiple regression analyses were used to test the hypotheses. Results indicated that Event Quality was an excellent predictor of Value and Event Satisfaction, and ultimately, Value and Event Satisfaction directly predicted the three positive behaviors. Within the same construct, Involvement was another factor that predicted Event Satisfaction and significantly correlated to Value. Of the segmentation variables, Opinion Leadership was found to be the only factor that predicted all three positive audience behavioral outcomes; Age predicted Pay More and positively correlated with Loyalty. However, the relationship between Age and Positive Word of Mouth (WOM) was not supported. Sex was identified as a predictor of Positive WOM but its hypothesized relationship with Loyalty was not supported. Income predicted Pay More and correlated positively with Positive WOM. Implications in the form of the "Five Ps" (Product, Promotion, Price, Place, and Performance of Service), limitations, and future research are also discussed.

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Chan, Ut Wa


Faculty of Business Administration


Department of Management and Marketing




Macau -- Intellectual life

Macau -- Social life and customs

Consumer behavior -- Macau


Taormina Robert J.

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