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English Abstract

Macau is a small city but well known of its large population. People live closely and communicate with each other frequently. Young people are quite easy to be affected by others, especially when they are seeking their career development. As young people always do not aware of their interest and ability, they need a good career guiding system to assist them before making decision. On the other hand, an effective career guiding system can help to balance the need and supply of man power of a city. Therefore, a good instrument is very important to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of career counselling. The main purpose of this study is to translate Self-Direct Search(SDS) to Chinese and to revise it with accordance to the culture and social habit of Macau citizen. The Self-Direct Search was designed by John L. Holland, in which six career types of Holland’s hexagonal model have developed. The construct validity of the Chinese version of the instrument will be assessed. Subjects include 791 Macao high school students of 1988-1989 academic year. The instrument was developed by the following procedure: translating the SDS to Chinese, revising by back-translation techniques, revising by conducting pilot test, and finally conducting item analysis. According to the result of reliability, convergent validity and discriminate validity, and construct validity, the Chinese SDS. To some extent, can be concerned as an equivalent measure of Holland’s typology. The results of factor analyses supported the factorial structure of Holland’s hexagonal model. The only exception was that the Social type and Enterprising type were combined into one factor. This present study is still in a preliminary status and it can be only considered as a pilot project due to its limited scale. It is suggested that students of different classes should be included in the study.

Chinese Abstract

澳門地小人稠,人與人之間極易互相影響,青年在找尋自己的生涯進路的時候,容易受到外界影響,形成羊群心態,甚至抹煞了自己的意願和興趣。一個完善的生涯輔導機制能夠幫助青年人學會思考及抉擇,減少人力資源供需的失衡,而有效的評量工具,對提高輔導效率和效果方面,均很重要。 本研究的目的是把John L. Holland所編制的Self-Direct Search(SDS) Form R,1994職業興趣量表翻譯成為中文,並按澳門人的文化背景和生活習慣修訂,按Holland 的職業人格類型論考驗譯本的建構效度,包括各類型分數的相關、聚斂效度和區別效度、以及由因素分析結果來看探討結果是否支持有關理論的建構等。 研究抽取了88/89學年七百九十一個應屆中學畢業生作樣本。測量工具是Holland 的職業自我探索量表,中譯本經回譯、預試,以及項目分析等手續,在信度和建構效度方面的結果均可接受;其中在因素結構方面,經因素分析後的結果發現,Holland的六角型理論大部份得到支持,只是社會型及企業型方面則無法分化,合成一個因素。 本研究尙屬初探階段,取樣對象只包含了高中畢業生一級,適宜視為一試驗計劃 (pilot project),將來容或對中學各年級作一較完整的研究。

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Faculty of Education




Holland, John L.

Vocational guidance




Vocational interests -- Testing -- Macau

職業興趣 -- 測試 -- 澳門

Occupational aptitude tests -- Evaluation

職業能力之測驗 -- 評價



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