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Background Information:Mr. Edmond Ho, the chief executive of Macao Special Administrative Region, has pointed out that improving the teachers’ qualities is one of the first priorities in the educational reform. An evaluation for teachers should encourage their self-motivation; improve their teaching skills and quality. Moreover, there are close to one hundred students graduated from the college of education every year. The number of the teachers is more and more. They are hardly absorbed by the school system. Therefore, a suitable teacher evaluation system is necessary to improve the quality of teachers as well as for the betterment of education effectiveness. Objective: The purpose of this research is to study the Macau secondary school teachers' opinions about the evaluation system for them. Through the result of the research, we can understand better about the reality of the present evaluation system in the Macau secondary schools. Research Target: The targets of this research are the teachers of the Chinese secondary school in Macau. Research Method: Through studying the literature, mainly the fundamental theories and methods of teacher evaluation, an instrument to study the evaluation system for Macao secondary teachers was developed. It was modified to a better version after a pilot study. Descriptive statistic data were compiled to analyze teachers' opinions and suggestions on the purposes, categories, practices and difficulties of the evaluation system. Also, updated data and relevant information of the teacher evaluation systems in the present secondary schools in Macao were collected. Research Results: Teachers agreed that there is a need of a teacher evaluation system. Most of them felt positive about teacher evaluation. However, there was no comprehensive evaluation systcm for the tcachers in Macao. There were not enough experts who could perform the job of evaluation. Furthermore, some teachers were not willing to be evaluated in the first place. As a result, it was not easy to carry out the appraisal of teachers in Macao. Conclusions: Based on the research results, it is necessary to have a comprehensive appraisal scheme to improve teachers' performance and education effectiveness. However, the appraisal scheme should be set up by a group of experts to enhance its suitability for the whole education system in Macao. The input of teachers' opinions and recognition is also important. Besides, it should be pointed out that teacher appraisal is mainly for improving teachers' performance and the education system. It should not be used as a system for teachers’ promotion and appointment. Therefore, teachers would not be under stress and evaluation could be carried out smoothly

Chinese Abstract

背景:由於澳門特首何厚鏵先生將提升教師素質視爲教育改革的優先重點,而教師評鑑的功能恰巧可激勵教師發展自我生涯,革新教學方法,以及提升教學水平。與此同時,每年在都有數十位新教師畢業於教育學院,造成教師越來越多,甚至供過於求。因此,應製定一套適切的評核制度來評定優質教師,並藉此提升教師素質,改善教育續效。 目的:探討澳門中學教師對施行教師評鑑的意見,以及透過研究,瞭解現今澳門中學的教師評鑑的施行現況。 研究對象:本澳中文中學的教師。 研究方法:先透過文獻分析,瞭解教師評鑑之理論基礎及模式,再以「澳門中學教師評鑑制度之研究問卷」為調查工具,先作預試,後經修訂製定出適切的調查問卷,再根據研究對象來進行取樣,調查彼等對於教師評鑑的目的、項目、結果的應用、施行上的困難等四方面的意見與看法,以及教師評鑑在現今的澳門中學的施行現況。 研究結果:教師們認為推展教師評鑑是有需要的。大部分教師對於施行教師評鑑都抱有積極的態度,但他們認爲現今澳門沒有一套周全的教師評鑑制度,又欠缺專業的評鑑人員。不過仍有部分教師不太願意接受教師評鑑,使得教師評鑑在施行上受到很大的阻擾。 總結:根據研究結果,爲了提升教師素質,改善教育績效,落實施行教師評鑑是必須的。但在施行前,必須先由專家學者擬定一套較爲適合本澳教育體制的教師評鑑制度,同時必須釐清教師們對教師評鑑的認知及意見,而且要強調教師評鑑只作爲提升教師素質,改善教學品質的工具,並非作爲升遷聘任的依據,減少教師的壓力,這樣方可有效落實推行工作。

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Teachers -- Rating of -- Macau

教師 -- 評級 -- 澳門

High school teachers -- Rating of -- Macau

高中教師 -- 評級 -- 澳門



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