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English Abstract

This research attempts to explore how to effectively implement activity approach to teaching with the support of multimedia through an action research. Firstly, it aims at improving the Mathematical concepts and problem-solving strategies of Mathematical gifted students. Secondly, it examines the factors that are critical for effective conduction of Activity Approach in Mathematics teaching. This study is conducted in one of the Macao secondary school where researcher works. The examinees are 26 Mathematics gifted students in Form 2.According to context of their textbooks, the teaching process is based on Activity Approach with the support of multimedia teaching. Some varied kinds of activities, including visual activity, exploring activity, daily-life activity, online-appreciation activity, are completed within 4 lessons separately. Moreover, in order to obtain more precise information and to work up with it, researcher utilizes questionnaires,video-recording, interviews and the process-opened tasks in Mathematics. Through around 4 months action research, researcher takes the live video-recording and works at analyzing the obtained data from interviews. The results are the followings: i. Examinees’ concepts towards Mathematics have actively and positively altered. It is distinctly showed in their impressions and the entire feelings in Mathematics. It is also showed in which their concerns to interesting and live-worthy in Mathematics, their motivations for learing and doing Mathematical training tasks are positively altered. ii.Utilization of different activities in teaching can benefit for increasing students’ problem-solvingstrategies. Many examinees are able to tell the answers of the process-open tasks through observation, manipulation, guessing and reasoning. It manifests that examinees try to integrate their attempts and exploring concepts into the problem-solving process. iii. The effectiveness of Activity Approach with the support of multimedia includes: activity makes abstract ideas more visible; it creates an effective learning interaction atmosphere; multimedia aids the effective implementing of activity Approach to teaching; teaching by using Intemet create an open-ended learning environment. In accordance with the results above, the following suggestions were made: 1. Activity should be attractive and reasonable; 2. The differences between students should be concerned when the activity is designed; 3. The design of activity should be in accord with the teaching schedule. 4. The multimedia should be used for enhancing students understanding but not only for demonstration; 5. The school administrative support is important; 6. Activity should not be only for fun, without any objectives.

Chinese Abstract

本研究乃運用「多媒體」及「活動教學」的教學法並用於數學科之行動研究,以改善數學資優學生數學的觀念及問題解決的策略,並藉此獲得成功實施活動教學的要素。本研究於研究者服務的學校內進行,對象爲初中二年級的資優班學生共26 位。以「活動教學」為基礎配合「多媒體」方式依據課本的主要內容進行上課,活動課分別以直觀化的活動、探究式的活動、生活化的活動以及網上趣味藝術的活動四個課節完成,並以數學態度問卷、活動課的課後問卷、錄影、訪談及數學開放題收集所得的資料經過綜合分析而獲得研究結果。 經過接近四個月的行動研究,研究者通過教學實驗(課堂錄影),課後反思(課後訪談),行爲跟進等過程,獲得的結果如下: 一·數學觀產生正面及積極的改變,其中以數學的觀感、數學的整體感覺改變最爲顯著。當中數學的趣味性、生活價値及學習數學並完成訓練的動機方面有正面的改變。 二·利用活動有助問題解決策略的提升,有較多的受試者成功由觀察、動手、猜想出發,歸納得數學開放題的答案,說明受試者把活動的嘗試、探究的概念融入解題的過程中。 三·多媒體支援下的活動教學在下列方面起到積極作用:活動使抽象變實在、活動營造課堂互動氣氛、多媒體支持活動的有效進行、互聯網教學促進學生的開放式學習。 針對以上研究結果,本研究提出以下建議,以供相關人士及研究參考: 一・活動必須吸引及具思考性 二・活動的設計必須注意學生的差異 三・教學活動設計與教學進度要一致 四・多媒體的應用應爲促進學生的理解,而非只是演示媒介 五・行政上的支持 六・不能爲活動而活動

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Faculty of Education




Computer-assisted instruction


Mathematics -- Study and teaching -- Activity programs -- Macau

數學 -- 學習及教學 -- 活動課程 -- 澳門

Mathematics -- Study and teaching -- Interactive multimedia -- Macau

數學 -- 學習及教學 -- 互動多媒體 -- 澳門

Mathematics -- Computer-assisted instruction -- Interactive multimedia -- Macau

數學 -- 電腦輔助教學 -- 互動多媒體 -- 澳門



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