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According to the report by DSEJ and Macau Polytechnic, which investigates the level of health among primary and secondary students, the results shows that the health level of Macau students are comparatively lower than Zhang Zhou, Shanghai and Beijing etc. Among these students, over half of them will continue their study to tertiary level. Therefore, through the study of the university students to understand their views and objectives toward the demand of physical education in university level. In order to promote the awareness of physical activity in students of higher educational school and help them to develop it, so as to compensate the deficiency of physical education in primary and secondary schools as well as to narrow the physical standard difference between Macau teenagers and the areas around. This study is to know most of Macau students' opinions about physical education lessons (physical activities) by using questionnaire. The studying subjects are from the faculties of two representative universities are chosen一Macau University and Macau University of Science and Technology. After sampling there are 379 students as subjects. The research tool is self-made questionnaire. And some of experienced physical education teachers from primary and secondary schools are selected to have personal interviews. The result shows that although university students in Macau get appropriate knowledge in physical activity, the participating frequency tends to be low. They do not agree to incorporate physical education course in the obligatory curriculum. There are more differences between boys and girls of taking part in physical activities. Moreover, some of experienced physical teacher in primary and secondary schools think that it should strengthen the physical education in primary and secondary schools, and set up physical education lesson. In order to strengthen physical quality of university students and to cultivate the interests and habits as for their long-term physical activity, Macau higher educational schools should highly deploy physical activity, and variegated for the needs of students, especially widely organizing girls to aggressively participating in their favorite physical activities. To strengthen Macau university students' physical quality and to develop physical activity should become an important task for Macau colleges and universities.

Chinese Abstract

鑒於近年來本澳有一半以上高中畢業生升讀澳門的高等學校,又瞭解到澳門教育暨青年局和理工學院合作進行的2000年澳門中小學學生之健康調查報告結果發現澳門中小學生身體素質水平低於廣州、上海、北京等地,故希望通過對本澳部分大學生的調查研究,促進高等學校提高大學生的體育認知,積極開展體育活動,以彌補中小學階段體育教學之不足,縮小本澳青少年與大陸上述地區體育水準之 差距。 本研究通過問卷調查了解本澳部分大學生對體育課(體育活動)的意見,並選擇具有代表性的大學一一澳門大學和澳門科技大學幾個學院的部分學生通過抽樣得調查研究對象379 個學生,研究工具為自編之問卷調查,還訪問了部分中小學資深體育教師。 研究結果表明本澳大學生對體育活動有正確的認識,但是參與率偏低;男女大學生對參與體育活動有較大的差距;大部分學生不希望必修體育課。部份中小學資深體育教師認為必須加強中小學體育教學,希望大學也能重視並開設體育課程。 為增強大學生的體質,培養其終身體育的興趣和習慣,本澳高等學校應高度重視廣泛地開展體育活動,使之多元化,切合大學生的需求,尤其是組織女生積極參與其喜愛的體育活動。這項工作應列入高等學校整個教育計劃,成為一個不可或缺的重要部分。

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Physical education and training -- Curricula -- Macau

體育教育及訓練 -- 課程 -- 澳門

Education, Higher -- Curricula -- Macau

高等教育 -- 課程 -- 澳門



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