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English Abstract

As the society is changing, the medical technology is rapidly developing. To keep pace with the increasing demand for high quantity and quality nursing by the public, the basic nursing education has already upgraded to the bachelor degree level in Macao. The nurses, too, have a great thirst for learning to strengthen their capacity. Thus continuing education becomes an important path to update knowledge and improve professional technology for the in-serve nurses. The purpose of this study is to explore the expectations of the nurses in continuing education programmes and to investigate their opinions for nursing education in Macao. The result of which will be the references of the development of futher education programmes. Questionnaires were distributed and collected from 696 registered nurses serving in Kiang Wu Hospital, The Hospital Centre Conde St. Januario(CHCSJ Government Hospital), Government health centres and other medical institutes. The results showed that 44.3% of the nurses planned to continue to study and 47.6% of them were preparing to attend Bachelor deegree programme. Among them, 61.6% would like to take up part-time learing while 64.7% prefer lectures. However, the majority(80.2%) choose specialized focused programmes, with 50.7% meaning to take up psychological counseling. 40.7% of the nurses would like to adopt programmes with assignment assessments only and 34.1% of them preferred programmes held locally, while 34.3% favoured co-joint programmes with other cities or countries. The general nursing population( 75.6%) has the purpose of enriching their knowledge in joining the continuing education programmes. The result of this study gives us much inspiration in the establishment of continuing programmes and the development of the professional nursing. For instance, the choice of specialised focused programmes, the mode of local lecture and part-time delivery, the developing of Bachelor degree programme of nursing, different kinds of specialized nursing programmes, and psychological counseling programme, etc., the developing of nursing research and information technology application are highly expected by the nurses of Macao.

Chinese Abstract

隨著社會的變遷、醫療科技的迅速發展、巿民大眾對護理的數量及質量需求日漸提高、澳門基礎護理教育已全面提升至學士學位層次,護士們深感到學習的 迫切性,繼續教育已成為在職護士更新專業知識、提高業務技能的重要途徑。本研究的目的是探討澳門護士對護理繼續課程的期望,以及了解護士們對澳門整體護理的意見,為今後設計課程提供參考依據。研究是採用文獻探討分析及問卷調查方式進行,對全澳1030名護士分別服務於澳門鏡湖醫院、仁伯爵綜合醫院、衛生中心、及其他醫療機構的護士進行調查,回收問卷696份,回收率是67.6%。 資料分析顯示:44.3%的護士計劃打算再進修,47.6%準備進修學士學位課程,有 61.6%喜愛兼讀學制上課及64.7%喜愛面授學習,大部分護士(80.2%)認為課程學習應是走向專科化,50.7%選擇心理輔導專科課程,40.7%喜愛功課模式學習, 34.1%偏愛於本地主辦課程及34.3%喜愛本地與外地合辦課程;大部份護士 (75.6%)認為進修目的是為了增加知識。此研究結果對護理繼續教育課程及護理專業發展提供不少的啓示:課程著重專科化,採用本地教學面授兼讀模式,開辦學士學位課程、各類專科護理課程、心理諮詢課程、推動護理科研及電腦資訊應用是目前護士們所期望的。

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Faculty of Education




Nursing -- Study and teaching (Continuing education) -- Macau

護理 -- 學習及教學 (延續教育) -- 澳門

Nursing -- Curricua -- Macau

護理 -- 課程 -- 澳門

Curriculum planning -- Macau

課程規劃 -- 澳門

Vocational education -- Macau -- Curricula

職業教育 (正規教育) -- 澳門 -- 課程



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