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The purpose of this research is to study whether the degree of exercise of lower secondary students reaches the fitness level with the FITT standard(FITT to point Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type); and to find out reasons affecting their continuing involvement in exercise. Based on the research, the researcher will observe applicable methods to develop school administration operations so as to help students to reach the basic requirement of healthy physical fitness. The data of this research are collected from questionnaire and tests on physical fitness. The items of the fitness tests include body mass index, waist and hip ratio, body fat, handing ability, one-minute sit-up, sit-and-reach, and 1600-metres-run. According to the result, students are classified into two categories: students with good physical fitness and students with non-good physical fitness. Students will answer the three parts of the questionnaires: 1. Personal data, frequency of doing exercise, duration; 2. Current situation of students’ involvement in exercise and reasons (including physical strength and type of exercise; reasons of participation and consistency); and 3. Factors affecting students’ involvement of extra-curricular activities and exercise. To conclude the study, the finding indicates that most of the students reached the fitness level as set by the FITT principle. Peer's influence is the main reason to keep students involving in regular physical activities. The school policy in ECA play an important role in helping students to participate in physical & sports activities.

Chinese Abstract

本研究的目的主要是以FITT(FITT是指Frequency(频次)、Intensity(運動量)、Time(持續期)和Type(種類))為骨架探討初中學生的運動狀況;研究甚麼因素影響學生持續參與體育活動,從調查中觀察可能的方法來協助發展學校體適能策略以協助學生達到健康體適能的要求。 本研究之資料收集包括體適能測試和問卷調查。 本研究首先會進行體適能檢測,項目包括:身體質量指數、腰臀比、體脂肪、握力、一分鐘仰臥起坐、坐姿體前彎、1600米跑走測驗。根據檢測的結果將學生分成良好體適能和非良好體適能兩大類,然後回答問卷。問卷內容分三部份:1.一般的個人資料、運動頻率、時間;2.學生參與體育運動的現況及原因,包括:運動強度及種類、參與運動的原因及堅持長時間運動的因素;3.影響學生參與課外活動或體育運動的因素。 本研究所得出之結論是:1.該校大部份的中學生的體適能都能達致健康體適能的標準;2.同儕的影響是學生參與並能長時間堅持運動的主要因素;3.學校的課外活動政策會影響學生參與課外活動或體育運動的習慣。

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Physical fitness -- Macau -- Testing

體能 -- 澳門 -- 測試

Students -- Health and hygiene -- Macau

學生 -- 健康及個人衛生 -- 澳門



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