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The impact of information technology to the business in Macau

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Information Technology (IT) is a key of success in 21stcentury. Any country that makes good use of technology will be able to take part in the international competition. Any company that can adopt suitable technology successfully may help to improve its efficiency and competitive capability. In a small city like Macau, in which the main economy relies on gambling, tourism, garments and textiles, and more than 90% of companies are medium to small sized, the companies in Macau can not avoid the impact of information technology to the business sector in Macau. When their competitors in the neighboring countries or regions attent the importance of information technology, and pay more and more efforts on making use of IT to improve their company. Companies in Macau should not just stop at where they were, keeping their traditional ways of running business. Information technology will be the gatekeeper to the road of success. To be able to adopt information technology will be critical to all companies in any region. To adopt information technology do not means just spending money on purchasing the fastest model of computers and switching on them every morning. Companies have to understand the relationship of information technology and business before making any decision on any change to their company.

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Lei, Chi Man


Faculty of Business Administration


Department of Finance and Business Economics




Information technology

Electronic commerce

Technological innovations



Antonio, Nelson Jose dos Santos

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