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English Abstract

Objective: The purpose of this research to explore the relationships among VO2max, the performance of Yo-Yo Intermittent Endurance Test (YO-YO), the result of Yo-Yo dribbling modified test and body composition in male high school basketball players. Methodology: 26 male basketball players, aged 13 to 18, from a Macau high school were invited to participate in this study and 22 subjects completed all the tests, which included twice 20-m YO-YO test, twice 17.5-m YO-YO dribbling modified test, in the sports field in that school. All the subjects wore Zephyrs heart monitors during each testing period and the parameters such as heart rate, the rating perceived exertion (RPE), the distance (DYO-YO) and velocity (VYO-YO) of the shuttle runs, and the dribbling distance (Ddribbling) and velocity (dVYO-YO) of modified YO-YO test were recorded. In addition, VO2max was measured using graded exercise testing (GXT) on a high-speed treadmill in lab. Result: Test-retest reliability of DYO-YO and Ddribbling were.71 (p< .05) and .67 (p< .01) respectively. VO2max had moderate correlations with DYO-YO(r = .64, p< .01), VYO-YO(r = .67, p< .01), Ddribbling(r = .52, p< .05), dVYO-YO(r = .51, p< .05)and body fat percentage(r = -.59, p< .01)respectively. Maximal pulmonary ventilation volume had a significantly negative correlation with fat V percentag (r = -.47, p< .05). Dribbling were highly correlated with DYO-YO (r = .78, p< .01)and VYO-YO (r = .76, p< .01), while dVYO-YO had high correlations with DYO-YO (r = .80, p< .01) and VYO-YO(r = .78, p< .01). Conclusion: (i) The reliability of test-retest of YO-YO endurance and dribbling YO-YO modified test can be accepted. (ii)VO2max are moderately correlated with the performances of YO-YO and dribbling YO-YO modified test, and body fat percentage. The performances of YO-YO and dribbling YO-YO modified test had no significant correlations with maximal pulmonary ventilation volume. (iii) High correlations were found between the performance of YO-YO test and the results of dribbling YO-YO modified test. (iv) The distance of YO-YO endurance test and body fat percentage could predict the VO2max. The regression formula, is VO2max = 53.585- 0.287* boy fat percentage + 0.005 * DYOYO, and it can explain 52.4% variance of VO2max.

Chinese Abstract

目的:本研究旨在探討中學男子籃球運動員 YO-YO 間歇耐力跑測試成 績、運球 YO-YO 間歇耐力跑測試成績、身體成份與最大攝氧量之關係,并 以 YO-YO 間歇耐力跑測試距離和脂肪百分比為變項建立預測最大攝氧量之 回歸公式。 研究方法:受試者為年齡 13 – 18 歲的澳門某中學男子籃球隊運動員, 有效樣本為 22 人;受試者佩戴 Zephyr 心率記錄裝置在運動場地完成兩次 20 m YO-YO 間歇耐力跑測試和 17.5 m 運球 YO-YO 間歇耐力跑測試,測試結 束即刻記錄心率、RPE、測試距離和測試速度;同時,受試者佩戴採氧面罩 利用氣體分析儀在實驗室的運動跑臺上完成遞增負荷的最大攝氧量測試。 結果:YO-YO 跑測試距離、運球 YO-YO 跑測試距離的再測信度分別 爲 .71(p < .05)和 .67(p < .01);最大攝氧量與 YO-YO 跑測試距離、YO-YO 跑測試速度、運球 YO-YO 跑測試距離、運球 YO-YO 跑測試速度、脂肪百 分比相關度分別為 .64(p < .01), .67(p < .01),.52(p < .05),.51(p < .05), -.59(p < .01);最大肺通氣量與脂肪百分比相關度為 -.47(p < .05),與 YO-YO 跑測試距離、YO-YO 跑測試速度、運球 YO-YO 跑測試距離、運球 YO-YO 跑測試速度沒有顯著相關;整體運球 YO-YO 跑距離與整體 YO-YO 跑距離、整體 YO-YO 跑速度相關度分別為 .78 和 .76(p < .01),整體運球 YO-YO跑速度與整體YO-YO跑距離、整體YO-YO跑速度相關度分別為r= .80 和 .78(p < .01)。 III 結論:(一)YO-YO 跑測試成績、運球 YO-YO 跑測試成績 1 週內進 行重測,具有較高的再現性;(二) YO-YO 跑測試成績、運球 YO-YO 跑測 試成績和脂肪百分比與最大攝氧量都具有中度相關,YO-YO 跑測試成績、 運球 YO-YO 跑測試成績與最大肺通氣量沒有顯著相關;(三)YO-YO 跑測 試成績與運球 YO-YO 跑測試成績高度顯著相關。受試者的籃球球性對運球 YO-YO 跑的測試成績有一定的影響;(四)以 YO-YO 跑測試距離、脂肪百 分比為變項,可預測最大攝氧量,公式為最大攝氧量 = 53.585- 0.287 *脂肪 百分比+ 0.005 *YOYO 跑測試距離。此公式能解釋 52.4%最大攝氧量的變異 量,能較為有效地預測最大攝氧量。 關鍵詞:最大攝氧量、YO-YO跑測試成績、運球YO-YO跑測試成績、 脂肪百分比

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Basketball -- Coaching -- Macau

籃球 (體育) -- 教授體育 -- 澳門

Basketball players -- Macau

籃球運動員 -- 澳門

Physical education and training -- Study and teaching (Middle school) -- Macau

體育教育及訓練 -- 學習及教學 (高級小學至初級中學) -- 澳門

Physical education and training -- Study and teaching (Secondary) -- Macau

體育教育及訓練 -- 學習及教學 (高中) -- 澳門



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