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Mosston 命令式與理解式球類教學在澳門高中籃球教學效果之比較研究

English Abstract

Basketball is a popular sport nowadays due to its intrinsic perspectives in version, collaborative skills between team mates and the kind of team works together for goal. It is regarded as an important element in physical education curriculum and also remained as the popular choice in learning between students. This study investigated the teaching of basketball with command style and lesson with the approach of Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU). Mosston’s concept of command style was adopted in this observation. High school students in Macau were invited to participate in the 7 teaching lessons and their skills, cognitive understanding, affective learning and performances in competition were measures. This investigation adopted the experimental method to compare the differences. Paired Sample T Test and ANOVA test were adopted as the method for analysis. The observation indicated the differences in skill development and cognitive learning between students. Same perspectives were also found in the affective learning and performance in competition. Students in TGfU group was better than the performance of those in group with command style as the major method in teaching. Differences were also found between male and female students in the cognitive development and affective learning. Male students indicated a better performances skill learning and competition. The study confirmed the effectiveness of TGfU in teaching basketball to students.

Chinese Abstract

球類運動中的籃球,可以說是現代社會最受重視和歡迎的運動項目之一了。籃 球形式多種多樣,非常注重團隊配合。最能體現團結拼搏、健康向上精神風貌和 團隊精神的體育運動項目之一。它非常適合於體育課程內推廣,而籃球教學也是 體育教師最常選擇與接觸的運動項目。本研究目的在於探討 Mosston 命令式教 學與理解式球類教學對對澳門高中學生在技能、認知、情意與比賽表現等學習效 果上的差異。採用介入實驗法比較實施 7 個課時的兩種教學模式的課程後,何者 更能夠提升學生各項學習表現。所收集之量化資料經獨立樣本 t 檢驗、二因素方 差分析分析及相依樣本 t 檢驗等統計分析後,結果如下:(一)兩種教學法在技 能、認知方面無顯著差異。(二)兩種教學法在情意、比賽表現方面存在顯著差 異,理解式教學組均優於命令式教學組。(三)兩個教學組的男女生在認知、情 意方面無顯著差異。(四)兩個教學組男女生在技能、比賽表現方面存在顯著差 異,男生均優於女生。 關鍵詞:籃球運動、理解式球類教學、Mosston 命令式教學、學習效果。

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Faculty of Education




Basketball -- Coaching -- Macau

籃球 (體育) -- 教授體育 -- 澳門

Physical education and training -- Study and teaching (Secondary) -- Macau

體育教育及訓練 -- 學習及教學 (高中) -- 澳門



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