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探索輔導碩士士在輔導訓練中的個人成長經驗 : 以澳門大學學校輔導碩士生為例

English Abstract

The aim of this research is to investigate the personal growth experiences of master counseling students during the training process. Qualitative approach was used in this study. Four students of Macau University who major in school counseling were involved and they were invited to have an in-depth interview with the researcher. Content analysis method was used to interpret the collected data. The result of this research can be generalized as two main themes. 1. The promoting factors of personal growth The promoting factors of personal growth include: the key incident contributed to personal growth, the essential factors of personal growth, the features of personal growth, the attitude of personal growth, the feeling and the core concept of personal growth. These subthemes may promote the development of personal growth. The key incident contributed to personal growth include: influences of teacher (supervisor and the sharing of teacher), the influences of classmate (role play exercises and group sharing), the reflective writing and experience of real life. The essential factors of personal growth include: arouse resonation and self awareness, see oneself from another point of view, count on oneself, recall and summarize in the past, motivation and view oneself as a client. The features of personal growth are occasionally, insensibly permeating into the VI life; it leads to develop the personal growth target. The attitude of personal growth is to value personal growth beyond knowledge gain. The feeling of personal growth is happy, refresh, arduous and helpless. The core concept of personal growth is concluded as thoroughly understanding oneself and the process of change. 2. The influence of personal growth The influences of personal growth include the change of counseling concept, the change of self-help and helping others. The change of counseling concept make oneself aware of the importance of personal growth toward counseling others, experience personal growth and believe the power of counseling, change the concept of helping others. Through the changing process of self-help and helping others, one will focus back on oneself, change the self-concept, improve interpersonal relationship, change the concept of family, release responsibility, and change the emotion coping method.

Chinese Abstract

本文主要探索輔導碩士生在輔導訓練中的個人成長經驗。研究以質性研究法 進行,對澳門大學 4 名尌讀學校輔導的碩士生以深度訪談收集資料,並把資料進 行內容分析。研究結果歸納主題如下: 一、個人成長的促進 個人成長的促進包括成長關鍵事件、成長條件、成長特點、成長態度、成長 感覺、成長核心概念,這些主題會促進個人成長的產生及發展。 成長關鍵事件包括:老師的影響,包括督導及老師的分享。同學的影響有角 色演練及小組分享;另外還有書寫體會與生活的體驗。 成長條件中包括需要引起共鳴,產生自我察覺、需要用另一個角度看自己、 需要靠自己、需要透過回憶及總結、需要推動力、需要把自己當作個案。 成長特點中包括成長是偶然發生、不知不覺的、滲透到生活當中以及會引發 產生個人成長目標。 成長的態度中會出現重視個人成長多於知識。 成長中會感受開心、脫胎換骨、辛苦與無能為力。 成長核心概念中會總結到看清自己、作出改變的過程。 二、成長結果 個人成長結果主要歸納為兩個方陎,分別為輔導概念的改變及助人自助的改 變。 IV 輔導概念的改變會察覺到個人成長對輔導別人的重要性、經歷成長更相信輔 導、助人概念的改變。 助人自助的改變中會把焦點放回自己、自我概念的改變、人際交往的改變、 家庭概念的改變、放下責任、情緒處理的改變。 關鍵字:輔導碩士生、輔導訓練、個人成長經驗

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Faculty of Education




Educational counseling -- Macau -- Case studies

教育輔導 -- 澳門 -- 個案研究

Student counselors -- Macau -- Case studies

學生輔導員 -- 澳門 -- 個案研究

Student counselors -- Training of -- Macau -- Case studies

學生輔導員 -- 職業培訓 -- 澳門 -- 個案研究



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