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PFLL(European Union Law) 000 (SAMPLE) 比較視域中的犯罪論體系 : 由差異至普適

English Abstract

Criminal analysis system (Straftatsystem) is the core of criminal law theory. The current research lays too much stress on the distinctive appearance between different systems, and regards “distinction" as “contradiction”, so it takes “system debating" as its main content and “system selecting” as objective, which has led to uninterrupted controversies, both on the systems and the concrete theories based on them, eventually the suspicion toward systematic thinking mode. Straftatsystem is the cognitive system in criminal law, so the structure of cognitive system should be taken as a paradigm in probing the root of the distinctivity of the Straftatsystem. Different criminal analysis systems, derived from different cognitive systems, are distinctive but not contradictive, which shows a characteristic of universality, The universality of Straftatsystem based on the universality of its cognitive structure on philosophical view, Straftatsystem is logically self-consistent to its own, which makes it can respond to various criticisms, and is of conceptual and functional intercommunity in terms of the interrelationship, which makes it possible that one system possesses the counterpart concepts of another and all can lead to the same result, There is no need to debate between different systems, so there is no need to debate between different concrete theories based on their systems, The universality of Straftatsystem re-confirms the systematic thinking mode, thus possesses great academic value. Keywords: criminal analysis system(Straftatsystem); distinctivity; universality; systematic thinking; three-stage system(tripartite); four-element system(quadripartite); two-layer system(bipartite)

Chinese Abstract

犯罪論體系是刑法理論最核心的内容。現有研究偏重于各犯罪論體系之差異表徵,視“差異”爲“對立”,因而以“體系爭論”爲内容,以“體系選擇”爲目的,不僅各種體系爭議不断,而且由各體系决定的具體理論亦矛盾混亂,導致人們對體系思維的懐疑。 犯罪論體系是刑法上的認知體系,應以認識系统之结構爲分析範式,探索差異之根源。各種體系是不同認知结構下的認知结論,雖有差異,却不對立,由此顯示出普適性特徵。犯罪論體系的普適性,源于其認知结構在哲學上的普適性;犯罪論體系,就其自身而言,均具有邏辑上的自洽性,能妥善回各批判;就相互關係而言,具有概念與機能上的互通性,存在對概念並能建到相同處理结果。體系論戰幷無必要,由體系决定的具體理論之論戰也無必要。犯罪論體系普適性重新證立了體系思維,具有较大的學術價值。 關鍵詞∶犯罪論體系 差異性 普適性 體系思維 三階層 四要件 雙層次

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