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Low complexity template-model-based motion vector detection for CMOS image sensor / check Full Text
Wei, Chuan Qi Law, Man Kay 2020. Master
Low complexity channel estimation for millimeter-wave massive MIMO communication systems / check Full Text
Wu, Xian Da Ma, Shao Dan 2021. Doctoral
Love or kill : intimate partner mass murder in the 21st-century China check Full Text
Ma, Tian Li, De 2013 Master
Lost Shoe from Heaven : a comparative study of fairies in Scandinavian and Chinese folktales /
Xie Yan Juan Watt, George 2016 Master
Looking up and down the social class ladder :how social class rank shapes trait perceptions and cross-class interaction outcomes check Full Text
Clemente, Jose Antonio Bernardo, Allan B. I. 2017 Doctoral
Looking back while moving forward : a retrospective of advertising research articles in Mainland China's academic journals (1994-2008) /
Gu Liang Chang, Wen Yu 2009 Master
Long-term performance of IPOs in China check Full Text
Lin, Shi Hua Tam, Hon Keung 2007 Master
Long-lived iridium (III) complexes probes for luminescent detection of protein biomarkers and their activity / check Full Text
Li, Guo Dong Leung, Chung-Hang 2020. Doctoral
A long-lived G-quadruplex-selective iridium (III) complex for the luminescent detection of lead ions in traditional Chinese medicine /
Zhang Jia Tong Leung, Chung-Hang 2019 Master
Loan loss provisions and earnings smoothing under IFRS : based on Chinese-funded and non-Chinese funded commercial banks listed in SEHK / check Full Text
Lai, I Man 2020. Master

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