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Lycorine enhances the response of PD-L1 blockade via regulating CCL2 expression check Full Text
Huang, Can Yu Lu, Jin Jian 2021. Master
Lua e mar, "companheiros" dos poetas Chineses e Portugueses
Wu, Inês Espadinha, Maria Antonia 2010. Master
LSTM with particle swarm optimization for sales forecasting check Full Text
Wu, Cui Yu Si, Yain Whar 2020. Master
Low-resourced dialect neural machine translation via pretrained language models
Du, Hai Hua Wong, Fai 2023. Master
Low-reference-spur integer-N RF phase-locked loop check Full Text
Yang, Zun Song Chen, Yong 2021. Doctoral
Low-rank representation learning for denoising and multi-view clustering check Full Text
Chen, Yong Yong Zhou, Yi Cong 2020. Doctoral
Low-power LC oscillators for Internet-of-things (IoT) applications check Full Text
Zhong, Shen Ke Yin, Jun 2021. Master
Low-power high-linearity and area-efficient switched capacitor filters design techniques in nanoscale CMOS check Full Text
Zhao, Yao Hua Martins, Rui Paulo 2015. Doctoral
Low-power CMOS processors design for ECG QRS wave detection and data compression check Full Text
Ieong, Chio In Vai, Mang I 2016. Doctoral
Low-power cascaded delta-sigma modulator for wideband telecommunication applications check Full Text
Qi, Liang Martins Rui Paulo 2019. Doctoral
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